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Nov 7, 2008 04:17 PM

greenport this monday

we will be in greenport this monday - some recommended restaurants not open this monday - any ideas thank you

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  1. I like Claudio's clam bar. Sometimes, I go further east to 'Orient by the Sea', Hellenic Snack Bar or Skipper's. You can try the new Rhumb Line in Greenport. There is also a barbecue place on the west end of town that is good.

    1. If Antares is open, I would go a marina just east of the town of Greenport. MUCH better food than Claudio's, Hellenic, etc.

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        thanks erica still open till new years matt/antares

      2. The next time you are out in Greenport on the weekends you should check out the bistro that is with The Greenporter Hotel (corner of Front St. and 4th St.), it’s an intimate bistro and wine bar. Check hours before you go because they vary seasonally. All the food is fresh and they use local ingredients. Great lunch special on the weekends and good value for the quality of the food. The wine selection is great- a lot of local vineyards. The chef is known for her great soups and the organic burger and steaks are amazing.

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          Stop at Lieb and pick me up some pinot blanc!!!!