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Nov 7, 2008 03:21 PM

Help! Recommendation for Sat evening, Nov. 8

Help!!! I live in NYC and normally make reservations well in advance, but I've blown it for this Saturday. My wife and I are taking out our 37 year old daughter and her boy friend, our 17 year old grand daughter and her friend, and another young women. We would like a fun place with decent food like Balthazar, Asia de Cuba, etc. They are of course both booked. We prefer UWS, Tribeca, Chelsea, Meat Packing, but are open to any suggestions. Any and all ideas are welcome. Please suggest places that we have a shot at a reservation. Thanks.

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  1. I thought I answered this earlier but either I didn't send or it got deleted. If the former, I'll reiterate: have you tried Open Table? They seemed to have plenty of things available. If it was deleted, I'm not sure why but I'll definitely refrain in the future.

    1. I would just check opentable.com with your criteria and see what pops up. Even the ones that look booked can always be double-checked with a phone call, as Open Table only gets a certain percentage of tables.

      Good luck! And my apologies if this is something you've already tried without success...

      1. alto, rayuela,stanton social,alta, morimoto (maybe at the corner of the sushi bar)