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Nov 7, 2008 03:03 PM

Help plan our trip to NYC more inside

Help! Heading to NYC in late December (Fri-Tues), looking for some interesting food experiences. Budget: we are willing to spend a bunch of money for great experiences. Caveats: we don't mind dressing up, but we're suburban young professionals, not hipsters and we don't want to feel out of place in a loud, "sceney" restaurant. Also, sadly, my partner doesn't do seafood.

Thoughts so far, please help with comments or better suggestions:

1. Steak - Peter Luger's Sat night if we can make a reservation, otherwise Keens or Strip House.

2. BBQ - we want to check out some NYC 'que, maybe Daisy Mae's or RUB or Virgil's

3. Korean BBQ - maybe Ma Dang Sui? What's good here? My partner has never had it and we want a good first experience.

4. Peking Duck House - or any better suggestions for this dish?

5. Pizza - Una Pizza Napoletana, Lombardi's or John's; where should we go, don't want to trek to Brooklyn again

6. Other thoughts: Lupa, Babbo, Picholine, Casa Mono/Bar Jamon

Other ideas, especially for unique food experiences? - Thanks!

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  1. 1. Keens is very easy to get a reservation and also has some of that history NY feel so it's a very nice backup if you can't get into Luger's.

    2. Virgil's is definitely more of a chain, I'd take that off your list.

    3 & 4. I'll let other hounds chime in, as I don't think I have enough experience.

    5. I'd do Una Pizza Napoletana over the other two BUT it's pricey, inconsistent (but when it's on it's ON), and not really NY style pizza. It's Naples style. If you want NY style, you should look elsewhere. Have you considered Patsy's of East Harlem?

    6. All great choices but do note that all of Batali's restaurants are VERY popular. They take reservations one month in advance to the numerical date. Call as soon as the books open (10am I think, I would call to double check). Hit redial as many times as you need to. Good luck!

    For unique food experiences...there's a lot of options: Degustation, Sushi Azabu, halal street carts, Dessert Truck, Flushing malls, Kabab Cafe, the list goes on.... Here's a post I wrote elsewhere:

    1. Peking Duck House serves excellent Peking Duck at both their Chinatown and East side locations. East side spot is less crowded and a bit more roomy than the Chinatown branch.

      1. Avoid RUB at all costs unless you like less than mediocre 'cue served in a frathouse environment. In Manhattan, I'd suggest Blue Smoke. Kind of upscale BBQ, but quite good.

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          While I disagree about there being a frat house environment at RUB -- at least, when we were there -- We have had mixed experiences, so I wouldn't recommend it.

          I don't think the bbq at Blue Smoke is particularly good (though their burger is excellent).

          My pick would be Daisy May's. Cafeteria-style service and nothing in the way of decor. But who cares? The bbq's delicious.

        2. I think kathryn's suggestion of Keen's for steak and Patsy's of East Harlem are right on!

          Though, it won't really take you much longer to go to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn for pizza. It's just on the other side of the bridge and is just as close to midtown as the East Harlem Patsy's. And is my personal favorite.

          For BBQ, I recommend Blue Smoke. Plus, there is a jazz club downstairs and they also have lots of non-bbq offerings if you want the option.

          Degustation is a great option for a unique food experience. And a terrific value. Could be a great alternative to #6.

          1. Blue Smoke definitely for 'cue. For a truly NY experience, check out a set at the Jazz Standard downstairs, where I believe they serve the complete Blue Smoke menu.