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Nov 7, 2008 02:55 PM

Phoenix and overnight trip

I'll be staying several nights the the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and would really appreciate some recomendations in the area. I will not have a car, so I'll need some really local places (i.e. cab distance). Perhaps this is not feasable - I'm not familiar with the area.

I'll also do an over-night road trip, and would be interested in any suggestion from a Houndish perspective. I'm thinking of heading to the Grand Canyon via Sedona, but am willing to be talked out of it for a better plan.

My preference would be regional (i.e. Mexican or Southwestern) but if something else is really good, I'm game. I enjoy dives as much as high-end, as long as the food is worth it.

Thank you very much!!!!

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  1. Well, right at the Resort is both Blue Sage, which offers Southwestern cuisine.

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        I enjoyed Blue Sage, and though it was good to above average.

        Certainly there are better restaurants in the area, but in the immediate vicinity I think Blue Sage is a solid choice.

      2. re: ipsedixit

        Back when it opened, and Mark Miller was the consulting chef, we dined there on several occasions. All were really good. I do not believe that Miller is any longer associated with Blue Sage, but when we last dined there, things were still good, to good +. Service was a tad spotty, but the food did make up for that. It WAS off-season, so maybe they had new staff. The wine list had diminished from before, but maybe that has sorted out.

        There is a wealth of chains and mini-chains, just south, but I have not, and will likely not, dined at any. Maybe there is something good there, but I do not know of it.

        Now, in house, I have had several great meals at the Roy's in the Marriott. I've dined at most of the Roy's on the Mainland and almost all in Hawai`i. This restaurant is near the very top of the list. I just got some e-mails from them on specials - wine and food. I would do one meal there, and ask for the patio seating. Fairly recent review:

        I hope that others can weigh-in on the dining in the Desert Ridge shopping area. Seems that there are lots of them, but just have not dined at any.


      3. If travelling through sedona, I'd hit Elote at the King's Ransom hotel. While I've never actually been, the chef is of Los Sombreros in Scottsdale, which is excellent, and a favorite on this board, and Elote's menu is very similar. Higher-end mexican fare.

        I've also had some great meals at the Roy's in the JW. However, Roy's is obviouslly a chain, so if you're looking for something unique to Phoenix, this may not be the best option.

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          I've heard people rave about Elote on other threads, but unfortunitely it appears to be closed on Sunday and Monday, which are the very days I will be traveling. Oh well - thanks for the suggestion in any event.

        2. It looks like Binkley's is about 10 kms away. I have heard very good things, so perhaps it would be worthwhile renting a car for the evening? Is this distance about right (i.e. 5 miles or so)?

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          1. re: BarnNB

            Mapquest shows the distance between the 2 as 13.44 miles. It may be better to see if the hotel has a shuttle or just take a cab. Espeically if you are going to do wine parings with a multi-course meal there, as AZ has very strict DUI laws.

            1. re: achicken

              The Marriott sends cars up to that area all the time. Great idea. Binkley's would definitely be my choice out of all that's been suggested.