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Nov 7, 2008 02:53 PM

Restaurants (not BBQ) in Salisbury, NC

I was just up in Salisbury today. Had my usual couple of dogs at Hap's Grill, but there are a number of restaurant options that look promising, and seemingly more on than way. There was a place called Warren's or Winchester's or something in an old house that looked interesting, and a restaurant called the Salty Caper (what other kind is there?) in a new building that seemed to have promise. Can anybody give me some guidance?

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  1. I am from Salisbury, and I do not know anything about the 2 places you mentioned. There is two casual places in the shopping center on Faith Rd. where the movie theater is. A cuban place called Mambo Grill that has tasty food and a thai place that, according to the paper, is runned by I believe a person who was a chef in a 3 star restaurant in Thailand. There is also a place called Stellia that has had good reviews that is more upscale on North Main St in Salisbury.

    1. DJ's on Innes Street near Catawba College is popular with locals. It has kind of a Greek flavor. Also things like burgers and other sandwich plates. The pasta dishes are probably the best bet.

      Richard's Barbecue which is on Main Street going toward Spencer is one of my favs. The meat is wood smoked. Folks working there are very friendly.

      Blue Bay right off 85 is another local favorite, but the popular dishes are the fried shrimp, fish or salt/pepper catfish fried. Not so good on the healthier fare. My favorite there - the hush puppies. Those are really tasty.

      Farm House out Jake Alexander has home style cooked Southern food. I'm thinking that is the corner of Old Concord Rd and Jake. My boys esp love it. Better to hit it during busy times though as off times sometimes the food does not taste as fresh cooked.