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Nov 7, 2008 02:51 PM

Brunch location in OC

Looking for a Sunday brunch for about 70 retirement age people for a class reunion. Want a banquet room separate from other patrons if it is a restaurant or hotel. Probably not going to get a lot of traction with big asian style banquet restaurants, sadly, for that would be my first choice. I would be curious to know of such a place in OC (know plenty in SGV). Really need something kind of square but good food and service.

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  1. (1) In South Orange County, there is Cafe Mozart in San Juan Capistrano that could make a brunch for your group of 70 iun a separate area. Food is very good. They know how to serve large groups efficently, though the restaurant has a very quaint atmosphere. Can stroll outside on courtyard patio without feeling one is leaving the party.

    (2) Hyatt Newport (Jamboree Road near PCH) has a Sunday brunch for $40 per. Maybe they can do a private room with special menu and reprice. IMO, this place does a better special party than other large hotels in Orange County. It just seems cozier and still professional.

    (3) Orange Hill Restaurant has a Sunday brunch for $32.95 and could accommodate about 70 retirement age people. Sometimes, you have to stay up on them. City view.

    (4) The Hacienda in Santa Ana has a good brunch for $18.95 per person (plus mandatory 20% tip for large parties) and a beautiful patio area and wodnerulf large rooms for 70 or more. It does have a few Mexican dishes prepared, but they are mild spice AND a taco bar with beef or chicken - make your own. And, make your own omelette station. More. There is selection of standard brunch items (but not extravagant). Service is lovely, friendly, efficient.

    (5) Cannon's in Dana Point has a spectacular view of the Harbor and will accommodate a special event party. Their food is good, much of it is fancy, and I think the retirement group may appreciate the menu items. Menu flexible. Can get expensive and service varies.

    Not very familiar with north and northeast Orange County restaurants.

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      thanks for taking the time to list these option, I am grateful