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Nov 7, 2008 02:46 PM

New Mountain View Asian Ranch 99 Market

A new Ranch 99 Asian Market has opened Wednesday in the South Bay at 1350 Grant Road, Mountain View, adjacent to the Nob Hill Market. It has lots of goodies crammed into one place with produce, fresh seafood, meat, frozen products, hot deli (dim sum, noodle, BBQ, and buffet), bakery, etc..etc.. Everything looks nice and pristine now excepting that it is definitely somewhat shy in shopping cart- aisle space. It remains to see how it appearances will change/sink with time. The dim sum area has lots of items and the dim sum is more than palatable and has a relatively high quality-to-cost ratio, and is especially delicious when devoured fresh out of the kitchen ($2.20 for 3 pieces). The bakery features Sogo products. The market was a mob scene at opening with every Asian in and about town imaginable visiting, but has settled down Friday a bit to more manageable proportions.

Photo shows dim sum sampling, starting at left upper corner and going clockwise are: salty glutinous puff dumpling, fried won ton skin stuffed w/fish- cake, baked layered puff pork tart, and fried sesame ball. I didn't like the way the har gau was all lumped together, making it a mite difficult to lift them all out individually without breaking skins.

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  1. link

    99 Ranch Market
    1350 Grant Rd, Mountain View, CA

    1. Yep I dropped by there on the dot of opening today too.

      While I'm happy for the residents of Mountain View and environs, this is not that much different compared to the numerous other 99 Ranches. I do like their expanded dim sum selection which seems to match Milpitas Square's 99 Ranch. The steam table fare for "bento" combo isn't anything to write home about. But to their credit at 9:40 AM they took out the Cantonese roasties in full force for display, including a whole roast pig.

      Agree with you CYL that the $2.20 for 3 pcs of dim sum (apparently mix and match is ok) is not a bad deal at all despite the quality (and very edible).

      Won Ton Noodle Soup was available that early ($5.75) for a breakfast, so tried that instead of congee. Noodles were very mediocre, soft and limpy and no egg flavor whatsoever (in fact it had the color of soba but no wheat flavor). Broth? Forget about it, diluted seasoning. Won Tons were reasonable, two plump pieces of shrimp held together firmly by what tasted like shrimp paste. These were not frozen and taken out of a pre-made batch (hopefully relatively freshly made).

      A major complaint I have heard from many others are lack of parking spaces (the lot quickly fills up as the complex also has many other eating places, a Nob Hill Foods next door with a built in Peet's, and a Chinese run sushi place (Sushi 85) where you can partake in some all you can eat made to order madness), and on the inside, only four tables that seat four per, with some patio dining tables outside. Basically not very dine-in friendly during peak times.

      Other than that, clean looking place that definitely looks more inviting than the mom and pop Chinese supermarket in downtown on Castro.

      They have a special that requires 2 day advanced booking, a whole roasted turkey I think it was either $28 or $38 (see flyer by deli). Also available are steam table bulk food for catering.

      This 99 Ranch (amongst others) doesn't have a dedicated aisle for Japanese groceries (let alone other Asian ethnic categories), which is something at least Marina Foods San Mateo has that makes it more attractive and competitive. Noted the MyHall brand of frozen XLB and dumplings (a company out of El Monte) that is great for home use, priced regularly at $16.99 (much cheaper at Marina), so it may pay to shop around.

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        The one thing I notice at all their stores is the crammed check-out aisles. Once there are more than 3 shopping carts lined up, there is always a log-jam of carts trying to get thru. And their carts aren't even the larger ones like Costco & Safeway.

        1. re: K K

          I too stop by Friday. Found this store smaller than Foster City's and of course has less items. Good for those who live in the Mountain View area but for me I stick to Foster City.

          I will try the hot section next week.

          Of course there non-Chinese sections are smaller than Foster City.