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Nov 7, 2008 02:39 PM

baby blues bbq opening in SF. any word?

ugh. ok second time around posting this. something ate my report when i tried to post it, and the add place function might be the culprit...ahem

a man gave me a business card for an upcoming barbecue joint that he's doing work on. it's called baby blues bbq, and will be at 3149 mission st @ precita. it's a branch of the original in LA, in venice. a quick search on that board shows that the places has its fans but plenty of people going, "meh." but it's barbecue, so that's how it goes. supposedly was featured in that food network show with the guy with the peroxide spiky do, which doesn't mean anything pro or con to me, but the place seems well known. just hoping that the SF branch is good, as it's really close by

it's supposed to open in about a month, the guy said. any word? any opinions on the original in LA? i'm not even going to try to add place.

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  1. I never got around to trying the original in LA, but reviews are as you describe. If you're going to try it, their specialty seems to be North Carolina-style pulled pork, so that would be your best bet. I believe I've also heard good things about the banana pudding.

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      Although the pulled pork has its fans, I was not impressed the one time I tried it.

    2. This place is very near my house and I glance inside every day. (The old Drugstore with the gorgeous signage--that signage better remain in place, by the way.) It's been in the works for at least a year, and now I see activity at least, but it's still just lumber in there. At least the city notice is on the window now.

      I'm definitely looking forward to the opening.

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        Supposed to open December 13, but if you walk by it right now, you'll say, "No way that's happening."

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          well, sooner or later. excited since george's BBQ on 24th isn't barbecue, as i've heard ad nauseam from a friend from texas, who doesn't seem to hear me when i say that i already understood this. poor man must be homesick.

          1. re: augustiner

            Where does friend-from-Texas suggest in the Bay Area?

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            Hi. I too live in the neighborhood and was shocked that they were able to do a soft opening on Dec 13. We ate there that night and again the other night with a large group. The guy running it is the brother of the guy that owns or runs the Venice branch. While some of the servers lack experience, he makes sure he gets around the dining room often to ask for feed back. We suggested a spicy sauce after our first meal and they have added one to the tables.

            I've tried most of the menu items. They're still working out the kinks with their smokers, and I have had a few dry ribs there (these were taken off the bill completely). I prefer the baby back to the Memphis ribs and the corn bread is slightly sweet and very moist. Most of the sides are decent and improving but none have been amazing as of yet. Most recently we split the smallest "feed bag" for a group of 8 big eaters and it was way too much food. The pulled pork and beef were tender and moist. I didn't try the chicken. I think the sandwiches are a good deal otherwise the prices are a little high to make it a regular thing.

            Again though, they're trying really hard to please people in the neighborhood and are planning on adding delivery soon. Give them a try.

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              Place link doesn't work yet but web site is under construction but up.

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                Baby Blues BBQ
                3149 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

        2. Most of the people who pan Baby Blues in LA do so because of the Venice vibe, not the food. These guys know smoked meat. Skip the pulled pork and brisket, and stick with the long ribs and chicken, which are excellent. Sides are a weak point, but I do enjoy the mayo slaw and the corn on the cob.

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            Some help on what, exactly, a "long rib" is? Do they mean full (untrimmed) spare ribs? or do they sell the fat end of the slab separate from the shorter ribs down at the other end? Were talking pork here, right?

            1. re: tex.s.toast

              Untrimmed pork spare ribs -- so delicious.

          2. Baby Blues is in my neighborhood of Santa Monica/Venice. Arguments over the best BBQ in LA are never consensus, and Baby Blues has its share of supporters and detractors. Personally it's my favorite. And I have tried many in LA. That said, LA BBQ is lacking in comparison with other parts of the country, like Memphis, KC, Texas. But I'm glad it's in my neighborhood. I just hope you all can appreciate it as I do.

            1. the chronicle mistakenly listed baby blues as having opened, which i'm guessing is causing them a bit of grief, because management just posted on yelp apologizing for the delay, explaining that their smoker has yet to arrive. they're aiming at first week in january, now.