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Nov 7, 2008 02:24 PM

wedding venues

Hi everyone!

My sister just got enaged last weekend so we just started looking for wedding venues and are looking for some help!

Below is what we are looking for:

- 1-1.5 hours from the boston area (e.g southern maine, new hampshire, cape, newburyport)
- place where guests can stay overnight at the same place at the reception so no one has to drive
- near water would be preferable
- accomodate about 150 - 200 people

We've looked at a few "inn" type places but havent found exactly what we're looking for but like the inn type look.

She's looking for more of a laid back wedding while still being nice at the same time, but nothing over the top

if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate as we're not really sure where to look!

if i left out any info that would be helpful let me know!


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  1. Wentworth by the Sea in New Castle,NH is really nice (might be too much over the top) - they have loads of weddings.

    congrats, have fun planning.

    1. My husband and I got married in York, ME and were looking for a similar thing. We looked at the inns there, Stage Neck & York Harbor Inn, but neither were exactly what we're looking for. Stage Neck has an aweseom room on the water, but they only allow day time weddings in that room and ours was at night. We ended up having it at the York Harbor Reading Room. It's a private club directly across the street from the York Harbor Inn. It looks like a big old mansion built into the cliff overlooking the ocean. It was absolutely fantastic! They have a full kitchen and bar so you don't need to find a caterer. You can't stay there, but it's a short walk across the beach to the Stage Neck and a 2 second walk across the street to the York Harbor Inn. We had everyone stay at the Cliff House in Ogunquit, ME and had a limo shuttle people back and forth. You can have your wedding at the Cliff House as well. It's a gorgeous location, but the service is horrible. It's really a shame because it's a great location. This is the link for the reading room

      Wentworth by the Sea is fantastic, but has very high food & beverage mins. We really had trouble finding the right kind of space in NH. There's not a lot of options for event space right on the water.

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        Wentworth by the Sea is so lovely outside, but the kitchen space is the opposite! I don't think I'd book any space without actually seeing the kitchen at work!

      2. We just had my daughter's wedding at the Echo Lake Inn in Ludlow, VT. It's a little further away, more like 2-3 hours, but I think it's a good fit for you. We had 125 overnight guests - They had room for 100 and we used another inn right next door for the rest, and there is more lodging close by. There's a lake across the street.

        I can't rave enough about the place. The wedding was casual yet elegant, the food was excellent, and the staff is spectacular. Laurence, the innkeeper, works with you to make sure that every detail is perfect. I was nice to be able to have all of our guests for the entire weekend with a nice barbecue for all after the rehearsal, a perfect reception, and two breakfasts, all of which was very affordable. We couldn't have had a better time!

        1. Here is a link to some wedding suggestions, posted on this board. Hope it helps.

          1. Newport has all kinds of great places for weddings. Inn at Castle Hill comes to mind, but there's all kinds of spots that would be perfect for a wedding reception and many, many places to stay. Good luck.

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              or check just acros the bay from Newport at the Bay Voyage in Jamestown- really quant Food used to be quite good. Can't speak to how they handle banquets.