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Nov 7, 2008 02:06 PM

Yahoo Article on how to cut your costs when eating out.

This article is currently featured on the Yahoo home page:

It provides tips on how to save money when dining out, and includes: bring your own wine (no mention of protocol in that arena -- simply that you can save money buying wine from a wine shop even with corkage over the price of that wine in the restaurant); ordering only appetizer portions of entrees; and, asking the waiter to box half your dinner before it's brought to the table, so you can get two meals for one. Oh, and pay for your bar drinks in cash, because you will be less tempted to tip 15-20% on the drink if you pay in cash (tip the bartender a dollar or two per drink) vs. when you are paying on the whole total on a credit card.

Am I alone in thinking that pretty much all of these tips make up a recipe for "how to be tacky?"

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  1. I agree with you Dana, and judging by the comments on Yahoo, so do a lot of other people. I'm surprised someone would even publish this article. A better suggestion would be to eat out less often and save up for that special night out so you can enjoy it!

    1. I think the suggestions are very tacky. Maybe this is just the former waitress in me groaning over the people who would come in, each order a $10 appetizer on a Friday night, bring their own tea bags and have me running around getting them hot water all night, and then sit in prime booth real estate for hours and catch up.

      I do go to the occasional BYO restaurants when I can (though they are few and far between). The markup on wine is just highway robbery in most restaurants.

      1. Is it that hard to divide your plate in half once it's brought out to the table? If you have any self control, this is not that difficult to do and it is much less tack than asking the meal to be split before it's even brought out to the table.

        I do sometimes order appetizer portions if they are available, only because many of the foods that come as appetizers aren't the type you can take home and I can't eat all of the meal-sized portion. I wouldn't ask for that size if it weren't advertised. There are also times when taking food home isn't a possibility and I prefer to order only what I can comfortably eat in those cases.

        1. The whole bar tab in cash thing is dumb. If you're tipping a buck or two per drink you likely ARE tipping 15-20%!

          1. Nope, you're not alone. I bet the servers would be 'delighted' with those who put those ideas into practice.

            Hey, eat out only where you can afford. Otherwise, cook at home.