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Nov 7, 2008 01:38 PM

Where can I rekindle love in KCMO? Romantic/Private ex:Melting Pot

Where is there some romanticalness in KCMO? I'm thinking melting pot style, secluded booths, quiet, dark.

I'm planning on eating at le fou frog, just based on the menu, but what are my other options?

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  1. Ahh I love giving this kind of advice! Melting Pot and Le Fou Frog are great options, I would also recommend Pierponts. I love the ambiance of Union Station and you're close to Crown Center so you could go ice skating!
    I think another idea would be Carmen's Cafe in Brookside. While it's a little more busy, it's pretty dark and the food is amazing...

    1. Although I love the food at Le Fou Frog, I wouldn't call it quiet unless you plan on going on a week night, weekends are loud & busy. If your pocket book can afford it..try the American Restaurant at Crown Center..the beauty of the city lights at night are magical & romantic plus you can have a quiet conversation. Another French option would be Cafe de Amis in Parkville it's small and intimate with excellent food (just google the name I know they have a web-site).