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Nov 7, 2008 12:29 PM

Recommendations in Buckhead for a visiting hound

I am going to be staying at the Marriott in Buckhead for a conference, no car, and was looking for some dinner recommendations. I searched the board for Buckhead and was overwhelmed by the number of posts, which were hard for me to decypher without knowing the area. So I am hoping you can help!

Looking for relatively "safe" but good quality food (traveling with a non-adventurous colleague, so Indian food or something of the like is probably out) and our expense account is somewhat limited- so no more than $40ish each (not including wine- we'll pay separate for that!!). We are hoping to get a little shopping into the trip, so if you have any recommendations for dinner that are in cute areas with boutiques and such, that would be great!

Thanks in advance from Boston!

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  1. As for the shopping you'll be staying right next to Lenox Square mall which is a nice enough place - if you're looking for more upscale shopping head just past Lenox (still within walking distance from your hotel if its a nice enough night - not raining) to Phipps Plaza.

    Dinner - there are lots of options here as you saw by searching. The area is somewhat of a destination for finer dining so many of those options are going to be just above your per diem. With that said, $40 a person isn't out of the range of may restaurants as long as you're paying for the alcohol/wine separate. There is a Houston's restaurant very close to you but that's a chain... Is sushi out of the question? If not, try Taka Sushi Cafe. He does offer more than sushi so if you're looking for something original, try there. Steaks, go for Bone's Restaurant. Greek? Try Kyma. Any guidance there? It's hard to narrow down one or 2 choices unless you have a specific type of food that you're looking for. Let us know if you can narrow it down.

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      Thanks- this is very helpful. Sushi may be a stretch for my companion, but a steak place would definitely work. Any good italian in the area? I figure that if I have a few good suggestions up my sleeve, I will be able to avoid settling for something convenient but bland.

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        Antica Posta is great! La Grotta is excellent also.
        Have a great time while you are here.

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          There's some Italian but I'm not super familiar with it there. There's a place called Pricci but I've never been there so I can't comment with any authority. I like a place called Sotto Sotto but it's not in the immediate area. Bone's will be good, but you'll have to watch what you order - this is a good steak place and while you don't have to wear anything fancy to the restaurant, they are serious about their steaks!

          Bluepointe is a seafood-centric restaurant that is quite close to you. It's part of a "Buckhead Life Group" group of restaurants. They are all pretty good but there's room to venture out from under their umbrella.

          This website covers Bluepointe, Pricci and Kyma (Greek). As a suggestion, you might want to politely let your bland-loving coworker that just because there is a "crazy foreign" country associated with a cuisine, doesn't mean that it's gross and unfamiliar.


      2. When I was visiting last year a friend took me to The Grape at Phipps Plaza mall. It's a chain, but I remember liking the food. It definitely strikes me as "safe" food, but tasty safe food. Plus Michael Jordan was eating at the next table :)

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          Didn't all of The Grape restaurants close (and not surprisingly so)? I know of at least 2 that did close in Atlanta, but I was never really impressed by them and obviously neither was the rest of the paying public.

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            It's very possible. I've neither been to nor seen one since my visit to Buckhead in Sept '07. We only ordered a couple of appetizers to snack on - maybe it's good we didn't venture into the entrees...

        2. Buckhead Diner! Safe, but SO good! It's my Atlanta foodie friends' go-to restaurant for visitors.

          1. I second Buckhead Diner. It's one of the more reasonable priced restaurants in the area. Varied menu and really good. Also has wine/liquor. You'll have to get a cab though it's not very far.

            1. Pricci is wonderful for Italian. It's a little expensive, but I think at $40/person, not including wine, you should be OK--or maybe only a few dollars over.

              Maggiano's is a chain but it's very good Italian with a bigger menu ...and it's cheaper.

              I've had some good meals at Buckhead Diner too.