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Nov 7, 2008 12:13 PM

Claypot fish in Seattle please!!

Anyone have any suggestions where i can find a vietnamese restaurant that serves real authentic claypot fish in seattle? Monsoon has it and its good but im looking for something not so highscale. Thanks!

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    1. Assuming you are talking about the catfish dish, Tamarind Tree has it. Their sauce is much thicker than normal, but I think that it is good in its own way.

      More homestyle verisons of this same dish can be found regularly at the hot take-out counters at delis like Seattle Deli and Saigon Deli. They do a pretty good job, especially in the late afternoon when the catfish has been sitting in the sauce for a while. Also - very budget friendly.

      1. Try Blossom in Renton. We had caramelized catfish in a clay pot on a recent visit.

        1. I've had this dish in quite a number of Vietnamese restaurants in town but in my opinion none come close to Monsoon's. Greenleaf ran it as a special a few weeks back, Tamarind Tree does a version and on occasion I've had it at Lemongrass .. Haven't tried the cheaper versions at Saigon Deli but honestly the issue of where the fish came from is important to me, so I might not bother. Part of the reason I love Monsoon is they've managed to combine ethical eating into their food and I love supporting them.

          1. Had a great claypot catfish at Made In Kitchen last month.

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