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Old-Fashioned Milk Shake

I've been to two Jerry's Famous Deli, and their milkshakes are thin, and I never got the metal cup. I like Milkshakes with thick, thick ice cream (maybe with malt) and the metal cup of the rest of it in, especially when there is a lot in there.

I had one at Panns, and it was thin.

I want an old fashioned milkshake, Like I remember. Where can I find it?

I live in Van Nuys, but I can drive.

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  1. Bob's Big Boy in Burbank for thick, thick, thick shakes.

    1. I haven't been in ages, but used to love the milkshakes at Ruby's Diner which always came with the metal cup on the side with the extra so that it was practically two shakes worth. Locations all around.

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          The Carney's on Sunset Blvd. does not have shakes but I'm not sure about the Studio City one.

        2. Best shake that I have ever had - UBE SHAKE (yelling) at Oinkster in Eagle Rock! Made with Fosselman's Ube Ice Cream and Fosselman's is worth a try for other flavors too!!!

          2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

          Fosselman's Ice Cream Co
          1824 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801

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            What is UBE? Fosselman's looks good!

            1. re: Depage

              Ube is a purple yam, popular in the Philippines. No, it's not a typical American milkshake flavor but it is so good! Just try it!

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              My favorite at Fosselman's is one scoop espresso, for the kick, and two scoops cookies and cream, for the crunch. No cup on side, but we live in a free country, so you can always order two shakes!

              See www.fosselmans.com for a list of their many appealing flavors.

            3. How about the pecan milk shake, at Lucky Devil's?

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                Lucky Devils' are pretty good, and I'm guessing Scoops' may be pretty good too, but w/o a metal cup, but what really frosts me (no pun intended) whenever I go to the mid-west is that in Chicago, (or Columbus) you can go into any Potbelly Sandwich (btw, they also make a sub sammich which makes Subway just an embarrassment to the food service industry) and get a reasonable-sized (smallish) made-with-real-ice-cream shake for, IIRC, $2.50!

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                  Sorry, I hate pecans! Do they have others?

                  1. re: Depage

                    Yes they have other milkshake flavors but personally I opt for one of their excellent draft beers!

                2. What about Johnny Rockets? I THINK you get the metal tin, I could be wrong, but last time I was there, I'm pretty sure I got a vanilla malt with a metal tin, whipped cream, and a cherry.

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                    they freak me out when they dance and sing, and isn't it a "chain"?

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                      it's a chain, but their cherry cokes and milkshakes and chili fries and hamburgers are pretty good. there's no question on what you'll get--sometimes nice. i haven't seen the singing and dancing.

                      other than that, though, beverly hills hotel's coffee shop downstairs has a great milkshake. it's a beautiful space that's a blast to the past. i love love love it. classic upscale diner.

                      1. re: Depage

                        They dance and sing? That's BS, I've never seen it, I payed good money for my burger and fries, damnit, I want to see some dancing!!!!

                        1. re: schrutefarms

                          maybe that person was thinking of TGIFridays?

                          I just had a milkshake at Fosselman's the other day, and they emptied out the whole metal canister into my plastic cup, it fit the whole thing. Not sure if that means they use larger plastic cups or smaller metal canisters than the kind served in restaurants. But I watched, they used between 3-4 scoops of ice cream. So I assume it was the full size.
                          So you don't get a metal canister, but you're not getting cheated out of any of your shake either.

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                        On a side note: Johnny Rockets introduced a chocolate peanut butter shake that was awesome. It was like the kind I used to get in Honolulu at KC Drive-In which is long gone.

                        1. re: Ogawak

                          RIP KC Drive In chocolate peanut butter shake and waffle dog !!!!

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                          Last time I went to Johnny Rockets, I sat at the counter and watched them make everything. No matter what flavor you order, their milkshakes are ALL made with vanilla ice cream. They just pump in some kind of gross syrup to change the flavor. Coffee, strawberry, malt, whatever.
                          I don't know about you, but if I order a chocolate milkshake I want it made with chocolate ice cream. Is that so hard?

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                            Yes, you're right. They have thick shakes and give you the metal tin. I didn't get a cherry though.

                          2. my condolences about your trying pann's milkshake--imho it is one of the worst, not only thin but made with horrible ice cream that has a strong aftertaste of artificial flavor YUCK!

                            on the other hand, i've enjoyed the shakes at the counter in santa monica. i can't remember if they served in the metal container or not.

                            1. Fosselmans in Alhambra. Awards on the wall for best malt in LA.

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                              1. when i was a kid, i remember getting milkshakes with my dad at ruby's and mel's diner, both with the spillovers in tall metal cups.

                                also, the counter in santa monica.

                                i know it may be heretic, but for an oreo milkshake, you can't beat the thickness of jack in the box.

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                                  I'll have to also agree that Jack in the Box has pretty darn good Oreo milkshakes.

                                2. Really, the best? Route 66 Cafe in Albuquerque, NM. I like the location on central Ave., but there are several in the area. Second best, mit metal cup (last time I was there) is Johnny Rockets.

                                  1. I haven't been in a while, but for that old fashioned style, complete with metal cup, Fred 62 in Los Feliz does a good job.

                                    1. In your neighborhood, try Cafe 50s on Van Nuys Blvd.

                                      I've had good shakes at Fred 62, and at the Astro Restaurant in Silver Lake.

                                      Twohey's in Alhambra.

                                      Pie 'n' Burger, in Pasadena.

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                                      1. re: Jack Flash

                                        Ditto Cafe 50s on Santa Monica in WLA. My ultimate bad (as in good) meal there: triple chocolate shake, grilled cheese on sourdough and crispy fries. 10,000 Mg of Lipator as a chaser.

                                      2. I forgot to mention Portillo's, the Chicago hot dog and Italian beef place, which now has locations in Buena Park and Moreno Valley. Their chocolate cake milkshake is exactly what it sounds like. No metal cup on the side, but the large size is stupendous -- everything goes into the serving cup.

                                        I would never waste time at a Portillo's in Chicago. Outside the Windy City, however, their Italian beef is one of the few edible beefs to be found, and the hot dogs aren't bad either (even though they're not Vienna beef).

                                        Try the overwhelming chocolate cake shake and then tell me about Jack in the Box, Johnny Rockets, and other national chains.

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                                          no metal cup, but Baskin Robbins always satisfies my milkshake cravings.

                                        2. This is more of an inquiry than a response, but what about the ice-cream place at the Farmers Market @ 3rd & Fairfax? It seems like the sort of place that would have a thick one.

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                                            Bennet's does a fine shake, but not great and no metal cup.

                                          2. Not anywhere near Van Nuys, but Harbor House in Sunset Beach (that's OC) makes a great shake or malt, with the tin. Also, Woody's (Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, and Huntington Beach).

                                            1. Thick old-school shakes (no fancy flavors) at Johnny's Pastrami on Sepulveda and Washington in Culver City.

                                              1. No metal cups, but the strawberry shake at The Counter is great. Thick and rich. I find the hamburgers overrated, however.

                                                1. The Disney Soda Fountain in Hollywood makes thick old fashioned shakes with the extra in a metal cup, and they get their ice cream from Dewar's Family Candy & Ice Cream Parlor in Bakersfield. Also, no matter where I order them, I always request my milkshake thick, and usually they turn out really well.