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Nov 7, 2008 11:46 AM

Brunch near 39th and Park?

Meeting a friend for brunch tomorrow (Sat) and don't know the area well enough to suggest a restaurant. Willing to walk 4-6 blocks for something really good.

Looking for something moderately priced and unique, pref. ethnic.


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  1. If you want Turkish, try Ali Baba on 34th and 3rd. Josie's has a great healthier American brunch. They're on 3rd also around 37th, I think.

    1. Artisanal on 33&Park has a great brunch. As does Penelope on 29th & Lex.

      1. This may not be brunchy enough for you, but 2nd Ave Deli is near there... 33rd between 3rd and lex I believe.