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Sudbury, MA with the mother-in-law

We're taking my elderly (rather crabby) MIL out to eat next week (late lunch/supper) and I would love to get some suggestions for area restaurants to help reduce the stress for us.

The Wayside looks a bit more expensive than we'd like (we'll have our two kids with us, too) and it looks like there are good area Chinese restaurants, but she won't eat ethnic food, I'm sure. She'd do best with fairly traditional food. We could probably travel to the next town or so.

Sorry to make this such a narrow request. Unfortunately, it reflects our guest! :)

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  1. Hi ccshamp,
    I most definitely feel your pain.
    The foremost place that comes to mind would be the Wildwood Steakhouse in Marlboro.
    It's still a bit of a blue-hair place but they have upgraded their menu in the past year. I've included their website in 'Link to a place".
    BTW, they DO make a decent cocktail just in case & FWIW!


    Wildwood Steakhouse
    189 Boston Post Rd, Marlborough, MA 01752

    1. Coach Grill, owned by the Back Bay Restaurant Group (Abe & Louies, Joe's, etc) on Rt 20 just before you hit Sudbury, should please your mother-in-law. Better check out their prices thoug on their website. Also, I think you will get more responses if you put this on the Boston Board.

      1. Sudbury has a few OK restaurants but as you've noted - a lot of Chinese/Thai/Japanese, not so much traditional fare.

        I think if the Wayside Inn looks expensive to you, the Coach Grill will not be an option, especially for dinner. I love CG but even I only go for brunch. I wouldn't rule out the Wayside Inn right off the bat.

        Another option for very basic fare might be the Marlborough Country Club. Not what I would call chowish in the least, but it might fit your narrow parameters. Unfortunately the menu isn't on their website but I recall you get a fruit shrub, maybe a soup or salad, entree and a small dessert for a fairly reasonable price.

        1. If I recall correctly, the Wayside prices include a couple courses making it more reasonable. They also had a 'Roast' menu which was reasonable. Drinks are cheap (it is a non-profit). It may be worth spending to keep her quiet.

          1. Luigi's is old school conventional Italian that might appeal to her.

            1. Take to old bag to Hooter's ...........

              1. While this may be too late, I figured I would add my $0.02. I grew up in Sudbury but rarely visit as my parents live in Marlborough and I only see them a few times per year but……

                When we do go, for some reason they still love the Wayside Inn, but it is seriously a blue hair place at this point. The food isn’t bad for what it is, but any place that serves crackers wrapped in plastic and “Wispride” cheese on the table is aimed at a certain demographic and it misses mine by about 30+ years. Oh this place cracks me up, beautiful setting though.

                Perhaps take her to Lotus Blossom and tell her that you might not be able to give her the “hope” we all voted for last week but you can sure give her the “change”. ;-)

                1. How about Stephen Anthony's on Rte 20 in Marlboro ? Solid good food, kinda old-schoolish, but a pretty decent meal for the money.
                  see the website - http://www.stephenanthonys.com/dinner...

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                    Your right MABMAQ,
                    I completely forgot about Stephen Anthony and have heard it's a decent place for dinner.
                    I'm still locked-in to thinking of it only as a good diner alternative for breakfast at the bar.


                  2. Strictly for the purposes of THIS dinner you may want to go with Sky on Route 20 near the Wayland line.

                    1. I think I have the place! how about the halfway cafe in on the Marlboro and Sudbury line? It's Kid friendly, Parent friendly and hopfully Mother-in Law friendly. They have a large menu of all types of food. Try it the worst that can
                      happen is she'll hate her food ( being Crabby anyway) but changes you'll
                      love your meal and the kids will too!