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Best bet for Turkey-day dining out?

Seeking restaurant recommendations for traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It's just two of us and I'm not a big turkey-fan (blasphemy, I know) so we want to go out where DC can get his traditional fixins and I can order from a menu. Willing to spend around $200. I have nothing against children, but would prefer a place that doesn't attract them.

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  1. If you are up for a drive and a cultural adventure, check www.theshakertable.com
    for the Thanksgiving offerings at the excellent restaurant on the grounds of the Canterbury Shaker Village (shakers.org) near Concord NH. They probably don't have guided tours on the holiday, but you could stroll the grounds and look in the windows at the original Shaker-designed furnishings and inventions.

    1. I am very surprised cruising Opentable that a number of restaurants are open and Pigalle, Harvest and L'Espalier have availability and may meet your criteria.

      1. whatever you do, DON'T go to the Boston Harbor Hotel. We made that big mistake 2 yrs ago. Daniel Bruce must have been on vaca. or something; it was sooooo mediocre. We looked at the 4 seasons menu but it was boring.
        I think the 3 small places that capeann mentioned would be lovely/quiet/comfy. The advantage of Harvest would be that Brattle St. is such a beautiful street to stroll afterwards.

        1. here's a link to Open Table's list of boston area restnts that are open thanksgiv day. If the link doesn't work, go to opentable.com


          1. Aujourd'hui generally does a phenomenal Thanksgiving Day buffet for about $100 a head (the booze will put you a bit over your budget), but it is absolutely worth it. Your DC can get their traditional fixings, and you can get everything else.

            1. McCormick & Schmick does turkey stuff plus a regular menu I'm pretty sure. so lots of seafood options.

              1. Opentable has posted the menus of places accepting reservations for Thanksgiving. I think Upstairs on the Square is where I would go.


                1. Just received an email with Clio's $85 prix fixe Thanksgiving menu:

                  Traditional Relish Tray

                  * * * * *

                  Sugar Bowl Pumpkin Soup
                  with curry spices, croutons & pumpkin tempura


                  Salad of Endive, Honey Glazed Walnuts & Quince
                  with bleu goat cheese & pomengranate seeds


                  Warm Stew of Wellfleet Oyster
                  with black salsify, leeks, lemongrass & caviar

                  * * * * *

                  Roast Free Range Turkey
                  with sourdough sausage stuffing & traditional garnish


                  Duck Fat Poached Halibut
                  with black truffles, chantarelles & green onion fondue

                  * * * * *

                  Warm Maple Financier
                  with spiced caramel, roasted apple terrine & cider sorbet

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                      Yup. We're talking Clio after all; the place doesn't come cheap. So many places fall flat on Thanksgiving. I would expect -- and hope, given the price -- that Clio would serve an excellent Thanksgiving meal.

                      1. re: Blumie

                        For 3 courses, and with their portion sizes, it should come to about $20 a bite.

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                          whs, THANK YOU for a well needed deeep laugh!!

                  1. I was at McCormick's this afternoon, and I think the flyer for the Thanksgiving dinner listed the turkey dinner for about twenty dollars and the regular menu available. I don't think they can guarentee a kid free zone, however.

                    1. I would suggest the Four Seasons Bristol Lounge or Dining Room......

                      1. We're going to Mooo. Random, I know. But I want to try the other restaurant owned by Sorellina, Mistral, etc.

                        1. Dante restaurant is offering a 3 course prix-fixe for $69. The menu looks incredible http://restaurantdante.com/. Plus you could take a walk along the river afterwards.

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                            Thanks for bringing up Dante. After seeing their menu, I switched! I'm a veggie, and figured that a steakhouse may not be the best option for me...

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                              I'm not familiar with Dante, but that Thanksgiving menu looks pretty delicious. Does anyone know if it is an appropriate place to bring a (generally well-behaved) toddler? Or would we risk ruining lots of peoples' holidays?

                            2. I would recommend Legal Seafood. While some Chain Snobs dont like it they still have the freshest fish around and after all Oysters , Lobsters etc were at the first feast. They also have a traditional turkey dinner on schedule Which I am sure will be good. I have been going to Legal since they were one restaurant in Inman square. They will not dissapoint and as an added bonus have resonablly priced wines. Thats where I will be going this year after some really bad experiences at other overpriced spots

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                                I must be a chain snob, because I'm pretty certain that Thanksgiving dinner at Legal's would suck.

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                                  We went to Legals for Thanksgiving about 4-5yrs ago. Absolutley horrible! The food was bad and the service acted like they were being forced to work that day.

                              2. T.W. Food is having a family-style thanksgiving dinner. http://www.twfoodrestaurant.com/ $65 for person, not including wine.

                                1. Here is a long list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner: http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/food/...

                                  1. Look at the amazing deal Piaglle is having - got an email earlier this week.


                                    1. Redbones and Holiday Inn on Washington street in Somerville both have special thanksgiving dinners. The Holiday Inn buffet is about $25 and even though I am not into hotel food usually, they often have very good stuff here.