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Nov 7, 2008 11:04 AM

Farhat - An off day?

I've been a huge fan of Farhat for the longest time, especially when we lived a short drive away and would stop by at least once/week for chicken and lamb sharwarmas. It was six months since the last time we stopped in (we now live downtown), after the experience we had yesterday, we likely won't return.

My husband ordered two chicken shawarma's ($6.99), and I had the lamb platter ($7.99). Staff were friendly as always - no complaints there. The sharwarmas were teeny - half the size that they usually are, and for some reason, they just didn't taste like the old Farhat shawarmas - more like chicken on a bun. The garlic sauce is still great though.

My lamb platter was disappointing. No tabbouli, just chopped parsley, and the lamb was very fatty and gristly - much more than in the past. The hummous was runny and the pickled turnips were replaced with pickled cabbage dyed red.

I don't know if the place is under new management, since I didn't recognize any staff there - anyone know?

So fellow Chowhounders, did I catch these guys on an off day - because I'd hate to say goodbye to a place I really loved.

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  1. Farhat has gone downhill the last while. They made some renovations and it looks neater, the food hasn't improved. The last time I was there I found the meat to be very underspiced and even worse, dry.

    Their garlic sauce is very nice, but it can't save the lackluster spicing and dry meat I had the last couple of times I went.

    Try Ibrahim BBQ across the street or Shawarma Empire down the road closer to Pharmacy. They are both much tastier and consistent.

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    1. re: Dr Butcher

      They seem to be having quite a few off-days.

    2. Last time I got a lamb shwarma at Farhat it had a really really weird taste to it. Kind of sour - hard to describe. It wasn't pleasant and in my heart I knew I should stop eating it but I was really hungry. I fully expected to get food poisoning but, in fact, I didn't. The meat just tasted very off. I won't go there again, sadly.

      1. They have been having too many off days....was a regular till like a couple of months back......the last time I went,Ordered a Lamb platter,meat was kind of sour..also there were no onions...there is always something missing,either tabouli,or containers etc....was a big Farhats fan but not anymore.....

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          Although I can't base my observations on many visits, I think that there is more care taken at a couple of places across the street from Farhat. Both Ibrahim and Nasib's have provided excellent shawarmas on my last two visits. Farhat is more about the speed--kind of like, wham-bam-thank you mam.

        2. Farhat's been having an off year. Given their new standards I would never eat there again. I noticed it the last time I had a lamb shawarma there. Previously my absolute favourite. Now just a fatty, flavourless, rip-off served in a pit of filth. Remember to dine safely everyone.

          Shawarma Empire is my current fave. Can't see that changing any time soon.

          1. They've been having an off year. The lamb shawarma I once loved is now tasteless, fatty, and dull. The people working there are careless and kinda nasty now. Their cleanliness standards have slipped considerably which is the one thing I demand. Hole in the wall? Fine. Dirty? No chance.

            Try Shawarma Empire. 100% consistent with a nice couple running it. Enough seating in this clean little place to dine in comfortably.