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Nov 7, 2008 10:52 AM


hi --

i am a food writer doing some research about coleslaw and i'm looking for unusual versions from the south. ideally i would love to find restaurants serving coleslaw that make use of some local ingredients and flavors. i am not looking for recipes, but specifically need restaurants or take-out places.

thanks for your help.

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  1. I personally have not found a cole slaw that i like, and i was born and raised in the south (I know, blasphemy), but everyone i know loves the slaw at the Lucky Otter in West Asheville. It's a burrito joint, so not really southern, but they do use local ingredients, and everyone raves over their slaw. It's quite unique and very different than the traditional white, mayonnaise-y stuff. Even though i never eat mine, someone always does.

    1. Allen and Son in Pittsboro, NC has a pretty good version. My wife, who hates slaw, loved it once I got her to try it. The unique thing about it is the bite provided br what I think is white pepper.

      1. Wintzell's Oyster House in Fairhope AL has one of the best cole slaw versions I have ever tried. Very nice with celery seeds.

        1. I love the Slaw at Pat James Full Moon Bar-B-Que ( in Birmingham, Alabama. I still fondly remember it, even though I have not eaten there in 10 years or so. Though I am a southern man, born and raised in Birmingham, I do not enjoy the mayonnaise dressing largely associated with southern slaw (at least in Bama). The Full Moon slaw is a sweet and tangy vinegar based slaw. The acidity of this type of slaw pairs perfectly with the fatty (and delicious) pork BBQ served at Pat James.

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            I wholeheartedly second the recommendation for Full Moon BBQ's slaw in Birmingham, AL. It is the best in the South. Hands down.

          2. Watts Grocery in Durham, NC makes buttermilk coleslaw, and is very much into using local providers whenever possible.

            The Flying Fish in Hillsborough, NC (sadly closed now) made coleslaw with red cabbage and black pepper - no mayo at all. Very zippy - my husband loved this version.

            Sage vegetarian restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC makes a vegan coleslaw with balsamic vinegar that I really like - though they'd have to be considered a restaurant located in the south as opposed to a southern restaurant :).