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What food do you remember best from your wedding?

The idea that the bride and groom are too busy at the reception to eat certainly didn't happen at my wedding! And I remember all the savory foods much much more than I do the cake. I'll always associate the day with the taste of chicken and leek crepes in a basil cream sauce...

What food conjures up your wedding memories?

For better or worse? (grin)

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  1. Well considering I got married on October 4th, the memory of my food is still there :) Everyone is STILL talking about it! My husband and I are from New England, however we are living in Norfolk VA. The wedding was in Virginia Beach at a huge private house we rented on the beach. So, in honor of our New England background and our new Virginia background we decided to do a mixture of both. Our menu was Virginia Pig Pickin' VS. New England Clambake. Our chef flew in 60 lobsters from Maine, along with an abundance of steamers, clams, mussels, shrimp etc. We had a roasted pig and all of the traditional "fixings" to go along with it. Suffice to say, everyone chowed down! New England family members that never even heard of a traditional Vinegar based BBQ sauce were blown away! And our friends from this area had to be taught how to eat lobsters and steamers!

    It was truely a day that I will never forget; all because of the food.

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      This sounds like a fabulous idea! Can you please let me know who catered your wedding and what kind of "fixings" you had? I am from NY, but my fiance is from here and we were thinking of doing the same thing in a house in Sandbridge. Please fill me in on the details. I really need the help!

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        Hi there! We rented a house in Sandbridge :) If you want, you can email me and I'll give you all of the details.

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          With the variety of experiences you have had, there must be several good stories there!

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            My thoughts exactly...hehe. Only one real wedding (the other two were small, at home, ceremonies) and I remember great ham biscuits and my beautiful wedding cake that tasted like sawdust.

          2. Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat any of the food at my wedding. To save on costs, we did heavy hot and cold appetizers (and I do mean they were heavy, would be plenty for dinner) but because they were "appetizers," the facility insisted on clearing them after they'd only been out for about 30 minutes and despite us insisting that they leave the food since all they put out were little tiny app plates and nobody had gotten much to eat yet, they broke all the food down and took it away.

            The only thing I remember fondly eating was the cake, which was great. Our cake lady was such a nice, nice woman and baked wonderful cakes. Ours was extremely simple but very tasty and instead of bothering with the freeze/thaw/eat bad cake 1 year later ritual, we ordered another brand new (smaller) cake from her, we thought that would be a good anniversary present to ourselves every year and would help keep her business going. Unfortunately she got very bad Lupus and had to stop baking cakes after our first year. But I still remember the cake on that hot day and it was wonderful.

            1. I remember the bleu cheese burgers and the cake. I remember I wasn't too crazy about their vodka sauce on the pasta though. People still talk about the cake, it was really was awesome.

              1. I didn't get around to eating, even though my sister followed me around with a plate trying to get me to eat. The photographer insisted that I go first through the buffet so he could take pictures, and it was so hot it looks like I was having a stroke!

                The cake was great though, as I recall from finishing the top on our first anniversary.

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                  I could have written that, except for the sister with a plate part! I was too nervous to eat, didn't enjoy being center stage in such a big crowd. What can I say - was very young and the parents were very opinionated on the production. I did insist on good food. Wish I could have eaten it!

                2. The city was New York. The year was 1971. The venue was the long-since-closed Northern Italian restaurant, Per Bacco, which was somewhere in the high 20s or low 30s near Park Avenue South. The only two dishes I can remember were the first course and the last. First was tiny shrimp in some kind of green mayonnaise, served in a hollowed-out orange. I don't remember how it tasted - only how it looked, which was very odd. The last course, our wedding cake, was an ornately garnished rum cake that my folks bought from a bakery in Little Italy. I didn't like rum cake then (and don't like it now), but Mom didn't ask. What the heck - the food wasn't all that important. (I can say that now, 38 years later.)

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                    We kind of eloped, and I had Balducci's cater the small luncheon - I remember the poached salmon being wonderful, drinking lots of Veuve Clicquot - but my favorite part was the cake from Bonte (now closed) - so delicious - I think it had orange flavors - with fondant, and then my mother bought, at my request, candied pansies with which to decorate it. Then we went to the Post House for dinner that night with my in-laws, which is a bit of a blur. I do remember a lovely breakfast in bed at the now closed Mayfair House, and even the lovely basketweave Bernardaud dishes that, coincidentally, were used at the Hotel Fauchere in Milford, PA, where we spent my 40th birthday.

                  2. Since I just got married last week, the memory's pretty fresh: we had a potluck in the back yard, and my friends and family brought their most delicious offerings. My sister-in-law, who is Vietnamese, and a great cook, brought her lemongrass chicken. My other sil brought her famous chopped liver. The dining room was overflowing with food. The wine, however, is what I remember most. A German Pinot Noir, A Cremant d'Alsace, and a white Burgundy. Yum.

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                      St. Honore Cake from Stella Bakery in North Beach.

                    2. My mother's cherry cheesecake. We had a very small homemade wedding. Just as I was lifting a forkful to my open mouth the new mother-in-law hissed audibly enough for all twenty guests to hear "You're not going to eat that are you? Calories!!"

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                        My jaw literally dropped when I read that.

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                          Hilarious... but only because I don't have to deal with your mother-in-law!

                          We too had a cheesecake, from Providence Wedding Cake Company. YUM! Definitely my favorite thing (even though we only got a few bites before it was cleared away).

                          Congratulations, vickib. :)

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                            boppiecat, well I hope every year you celebrate your anniversary your mother makes her cherry cheesecake and saves one piece for your MIL to enjoy!

                            as a huge fan of cheesecake myself (and my 1st wedding reception consisted of 24 cheesecakes & too much champagne--I say more power to ya.

                          2. the mediterranean spread... perfect, delicious, crispy falafel balls and the silkiest baba ganoush ever, in particular. we got married in our backyard and brought in tons of food from all of our favorite restaurants, but that was the best.

                            1. The food at our wedding was HORRID. Our reception was held at a small private college and they catered. I didn't know any better back then - I swear! We had chicken francaise, parsley new potatoes and green and white asparagus. It was comparable to cafeteria food - no taste and luke warm. Thankfully, there was plenty of champagne, wine and booze to kill our taste buds and wind us up!

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                                One reception we didn't get to eat, the other the food was also HORRID. We didn't really want a party beyond our small group of friends where we leaved, but as young marrieds and is traditional where we lived, our parents both wanted receiptions where we grew up - with all of their friends! So we told my mother we wanted burritos and chocolate milk and banana empanada - imagining California versions of all of those. The place we had it required us to use their catering, which couldn't do Mexican food to save their life - "What is an empanada?" they asked. So, we had freezer case convenience store burritos I swear, I have no idea what those banana thing was, and the cake my mom commissioned as a PR move for her business was dreadful - dense and flavorless. But we didn't care, because all we wanted was to be married!

                                Now I am catering my nieces wedding, after doing my sister's this summer. The food will be good I am determined, even if she has a very "wedding cater meal" in mind (chicken cordon bleu, wild rice, etc).

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                                  I thought we were the only ones. The food at our tasting was better than average, the food at our wedding was terrible. I don't want to get into the unpleasant details, but it really wasn't good. The baker also butchered our cake, visually, although it tasted phenominal.

                                2. My husband and I did all of our wedding photos BEFORE our ceremony, specifically so we would not miss cocktail hour! We also did not care about "making a grand entrance" and it was nice to have extra time mingling with guests during cocktail hour. Our food was awesome and my family and friends still talk about how great the appetizers were. We had 22 different hot appetizers via tray service. Mini reubens, crabcakes, spanikopita, peirogies, sesame chicken -- nothing outrageously creative but ALL delicious, fresh and very well-prepared.

                                  Also had a very tasty wedding cake I actually enjoyed eating. Chocolate cake with choice of 2 fillings: Peanut butter or raspberry mousse.

                                  1. I remember the apple cake and the veggie quiche very well. I remember eating the veggie quiche in the rabbi's office during our yichud. I am nasty in cake wars - I am famous for causing injuries so I had to tone it down at the wedding to make sure the apple didn't stain my dress. It tasted really good squished!

                                    1. * The grilled trout
                                      * The cheese(s)
                                      * The grapes
                                      (and the caterer looking at me like I was an alien when I told her we needed some vegetarian options)

                                      I also remember the most comforting evening *after* the wedding, watching TV, cuddled with DH and a blanket, eating leftover cake.

                                      1. I do not remember anything at all about the food. Not one thing. Terrible.

                                        1. Oh, I LOVED the menu at our wedding. Well, of course, it was only 4 years ago so I was already a Chowhound ; )

                                          The wedding was at an upscale hotel in Mexico, but when I looked at the options, I was so disappointed at how Americanized it was - soup, chicken, salmon, pasta, filet mignon, etc. When I explained that I wanted to use more local ingredients, we were able to sit down with the chef and plan a one-of-a-kind custom menu using Mexican ingredients. It actually was a lot of fun - the chef said he had never been asked to do this before. He had wonderful ideas and was really enthusiastic about it, though I'm still kicking myself that I never saved a printed menu.

                                          In addition to passed hors d'ouevres, during the outdoor cocktail hour (complete with a fantastic 10-piece mariachi band!), we arranged for a sopes and taco bar and grill where all the tortillas were hand-made and cooked in front of the guests.

                                          We had a sit-down formal dinner for about 50 and I was SO happy with the menu and what we came up with, food-freak that I am. Everyone really enjoyed, it even some of the meat-and-potato relatives, because the exotic ingredients were used in familiar ways.

                                          To start - ceviche with smoked chipotle vinaigrette and crispy tortilla strips served in martini glasses
                                          Pasta course - huitlacoche and Oaxaca cheese ravioli with flor de calabaza coulis and guajillo pepper
                                          Intermezzo - Guanabana sorbet with tequila honey
                                          Main - E got his 'surf and turf' but it was dried chili-crusted filet mignon and grilled lobster tail with cilantro potato cake and tamarindo sauce
                                          Dessert - Chocolate "Chichen Itza" with rompope sauce, mint, and fresh fruit.

                                          The cake? Well Pina Colada of course ; )

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                                            that sounds like so much delicious fun! So glad the chef rose to the occasion...

                                          2. The food I remember most is all of it. We were both working chefs at the time so, with the help of my sister, mom and Mr. Sooeygun's dad made our own food.

                                            We had our photos taken before the wedding, because I resent the whole waiting around between the wedding and reception, so didn't want to subject my guests to it. We had the receiving line as people left the ceremony and in another room their were finger foods. I forgot to get someone to put some aside, so I missed all of them. Wish I had, because that was the part I was looking forward to.

                                            The wedding was in the evening, so there was no dinner, but we had a late, cold buffet. Salads, meats and ice cream in big ice bowls that we made with flowers frozen in them. Didn't eat much, because I had been tasting it all week during preparation. And I was tired. But I have been told it was fantastic.

                                            1. What we WANTED to do was have the wedding under a tent in mrbuffer's mother's backyard - 3.5 acres overlooking the Hudson River in Marlboro. We would do high end hors d'oeurves and champagne. Families kinda nixed that idea since it was August and my mom couldn't be outside all day. We ended up with a buffet at a catering hall in New Windsor. I honestly don't remember what we served. I do remember getting on the buffet line and getting a plate, but what that was, I dunno. We do remember the cake. It was from Favata's bakery in Newburgh and had cannoli filling and Swiss meringue icing. I fed mrbuffer the first piece and he grabbed it from me "wow that is good."

                                              1. I don't remember all of it, friends and I catered it ourselves.

                                                Meatballs, ham rolls, baked ham, potato salad, hmmmmmmm
                                                I remember my nephew (now 34) was the ringbearer and put black olives on all his fingers, so we must have had veggie platters????

                                                We got married during the Christmas season, did table cloths in red, white, and green, and when the room (at the local Woman's Club) was decorated it looked like the flag of Italy.

                                                The cake was decorated with green and red also. What was I thinking?

                                                1. Hazelnut rum cake from Ferrara's in Little Italy. We never got to freeze and eat it after the first year because everyone wanted to take it home with them. I count myself lucky that my new MIL would share some with me after the fact, because I was way too full to eat it at the wedding. Amazingly good cake, and I usually pass on wedding cakes because it's usually about the right look and not the right taste.

                                                  To all you NY-er chowhounders, the wedding cakes at Ferrara's (yes, THAT Ferrara's) were fantastic 12 years ago, and surprisingly inexpensive. Would love to hear from anyone about any recent experiences.

                                                  1. Probably the bacon and the hash browns. Our wedding was in the morning, so we figured, why not serve breakfast?

                                                    1. Well lets see My first wedding I think the jerk rubbed prime rib or the Chicken breasts stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella. Second Wedding (2nd wife) 3 Chocolate layered mousse with ground candied ginger and fresh whipped cream or roasted Red peppersauce over Caribbean lobster
                                                      with Habenaro mango salsa

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                                                        Your second wedding menu sounds divine!

                                                      2. I barely got to eat at my wedding reception, which we had at Otto in NYC (the site of our first date). This was a real pity, because my husband and I chose a lot of our favorite things to serve--I think I had one bite of prosciutto and a few olives. And I only got the one ceremonial bite of my cake, which was disappointing because we got it at my favorite bakery and it was really good.

                                                        They did seem to have someone following me around to refill my glass of prosecco, and the most heavenly moment was when I got to stop talking, sit down, take off my shoes, and eat my very own little bowl of olive oil gelato. Those 2 items definitely figure large in my wedding memories, so I think I came out pretty well!

                                                        1. Our restaurant "catered" our wedding. Unfortunately, they started in the morning with omelets and Bloodie Mary's in the morning and I worried as it went steadily more downhill (behavior wise) from there. But, they managed to rally. We had lovely (if not late) jumbo stone crab claws, filet mignons, baked potatoes and salad with copious amounts of wine from Chateau Lynch-Bages '88 that we had been squirreling away for the wedding. When we left for our honeymoon the next morning we stashed a nice bottle of champagne aside so we could toast our first night back... buuuutttt, the clean up fairies (our friends) decided they needed refreshment and it was gone (but the house was clean). Oh yeah, we had ice cream cake for wedding cake. Black cherry with chocolate crumbles.

                                                          We could break the bank on the food because we had the wedding in the backyard, officiated by DH's mom, flowers were frangipani picked from the tree at the last second. We also kept the guest list tight. And my dress was from The Limited. Yes. The Limited. I had my priorities!

                                                          I saved a piece of the icecream cake for 15 years.

                                                          1. We had a delightful three course sit down meal at the Greenbrier, so I got to eat! But I remember every moment of my wedding. (I ws told I was the calmest bride they have ever seen) The most fun is remembering the smiles and laughter from that day. It was a magically happy day, especially when my 92 yr old great aunt was boogeying down to Brick House.

                                                            I remember the salad with salty virginia ham, goat cheese and mandarins.

                                                            The leek soup was phenomenal, I think I will remember that for a long time.

                                                            Chicken, veggies and sauce with mushroom beggars purse was pretty good, but forgettable.

                                                            We had a huge Smith Island Cake for our wedding cake that was delicious and they even made it look beautiful. It was a special request they had never done before and I sent them a test cake and they ordered icing from a bakery in Maryland called the Sweet Shop that specializes in Smith Island Cake. It was soo good, I was so happy because it was one of the few cakes hubby and I both love. We will always think of our wedding when we have Smith Island Cake.

                                                            1. i remember that they served stuffed mushrooms with walnuts in the stuffing, even tho I'd called and specifically told them no nuts - I am DEATHLY allergic... fortunately I always ask before I eat.
                                                              I also remember how delicious the cake was. 2 layers chocolate with a raspberry filling, 2 layers vanilla with raspberry filling. SO lovely, and still delicious when we defrosted the top a year later. :)
                                                              Other than that, the food was forgettable - I wasn't so into food then as I am now!

                                                              1. I got married on a gorgeous beach with a small chapel in Moorea, Tahiti and all my friends were there with our sarongs and tons of plumeria draped around our necks and one of the Tahitians climb a coconut tree during the ceremony, cut it so we could drink the lovely nectar..Priceless!
                                                                Lot's of Hinano's and Ahi and fresh fruit were served..

                                                                1. Big fresh local berries and cheeses in the backyard. We had a homemade affair as well. Our wedding dinner was on a side-wheeler on the Mississippi, and I can't honestly tell you what I ate. But the berries were sublime, and they reappear every year as a late-evening-in-the-garden celebratory night cap.

                                                                  Coincidentally, we'll be having that big bowl of berries tonight (Yay for us for these years!) to celebrate. Gotta love midsummer anniversaries.


                                                                  1. I remember the grain. The food was pretty miserable, but, we provided the entire stock of the bar. Our selections only. You can imagine my disdain when I caught the 20 something bartenders using my single malts to make mixed drinks when we provided ample bottles of Dewar's.

                                                                    BAH! -
                                                                    It still gets my goat. I was saving a bottle of Balvenie for a midnight toast. It was 3/4 gone before dinner started. I got kinda miffed and as the crowd thinned out, We told the bartenders to go home, and then we all took turns playing barkeep for the rest of the night. Many friends were made that night. Nobody remembered anybody's name at brunch the next morning, but many friends were made that night. :-)

                                                                    1. I was only 18 when we got married (the May after falling in love at first sight at university in September and getting engaged at Christmas), and since I had had beaucoup boyfriends in high school, my mother didn't think I would go through with it and didn't make ANY arrangements for the reception until March. The only location available was the K of C hall, and the only caterer available was a place called the Red Barn. We have the unusual distinction of having served barbecued ribs and fried chicken at a wedding reception in...London, Ontario. Not very good ribs, either. My father was in charge of the booze - on the recommendation of a friend in the business, he bought 1 1/2 times the (generous) amount thought to be necessary - reception started at 5, booze was ALL GONE by 9 pm. there were no fisticuffs that I'm aware of, but some tears were shed, and the marriage is still going strong over 30 years later.

                                                                      1. I remember the meal well. I am not a person who ever turns down food and I wasn't going to not eat at my wedding!

                                                                        I remember choosing prime rib over the chicken francese as my entree because it seemed least likely to spill and stain my dress. I forgot that the au jus part might drip, but fortunately, I had no accidents.

                                                                        I remember how the bartender waited on my first when I was on line at the bar at the cocktail hour. It took a few minutes to realize that of course he would wait on me first. The woman in the white dress is supposed to be the priority! Duh!

                                                                        I had the BEST cake. It was from weddingcakeonline in NYC and it was layers of sponge cake with chocolate ganache, cassis mousse, and hazelnut daquoise. People kept telling me it was the best wedding cake they ever ate.

                                                                        I also remember that evening my mother decided to throw a little post-wedding party at her place. She was hoping all of the out-of-towners would come over. She ordered this massive sandwich platter. I'd say about 10 people came over at most and I don't think many of them ate anything. Since we stayed local for the honeymoon, we ended up taking a bunch of leftover sandwiches with us for lunches during the week.

                                                                        1. wedding #1 was in tent in my parents backyard and several of my uncles were lobster fisherman...silver platters of fresh lobster meat being circulated during cocktails is a memory I will always cherish...wedding #2 on Grand Cayman Island and wedding cake ( a gift from dear friends) was decorated with chocolate turtles ( Sir Turt Cayman the national icon)

                                                                          1. The Planter's Cheez Ball puffs that DMIL intended to serve in bowls amongst my carefully-chosen cheeses, fruits, and breads served on rustic wooden planks that i'd envisioned making into a sophisticated-looking and tasting country-style table.

                                                                            They never did make it to the table, but I was sweating bullets on that one. 22 years later it's still the first thing I thought of when I read the topic!

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                                                                              Lived in New York at the time and it was a spectacular cake with cannoli filling from Veniero's. I'd also never had champagne grapes before and still buy them whenever I see them, nostalgic/romantic that I am!.

                                                                            2. We had a roast pig. It was so good that our vegetarian caterer (not involved in the pig - just the appies) had a big plateful. She hadn't eaten meat in over 15 years up to that point.

                                                                              1. Being a maritimer, we had some maritime delicacies. I remember the clam chowder being amazing, and the sidedish of fiddleheads freaking a few people out (but they're my favourite! And it wasn't the only side dish...) We had an amazing cheesecake with wild blueberries for dessert, in addition to our maple and brown sugar wedding cake later in the evening.

                                                                                I remember sipping scotch from the quaich and toasting to my sweet!

                                                                                1. We had a traditional scottish wedding, bagpipes, celidh dancing..the works. The meal was all sourced from scotland, involving scottish salmon and scottish fillet of beef. It was a divine silver service and everyone complimented our choice of meal. Probably the only non scottish thing was the champagne sorbet. :O)

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                                                                                    Nice, Soyabean! We did the pipes and celidh dancing too...what a memorable evening. I dare ask though....did you have haggis? :) I personally love a good haggis, but our guests...

                                                                                    1. re: KayceeK

                                                                                      Thanks KayceeK. We considered it as a starter for the dinner, but its not to everyones liking. So it was an option for the breakfast for the guests who stayed the night at the venue the morning after :O)

                                                                                  2. Although I was married in Jersey, we did not do a sit down dinner. My wife loved all the weddings she has been to in New Orleans, and down there we never do sit down dinners. I guess in interferes with the party too much. So we just did a ton of passed apps and then had stations set up. It being my wedding, I really didn't get to eat that much, but I recall the duck was very good, as were the baby lamb chops. Luckily we had someone assigned to us that would bring us small plates.
                                                                                    We had a raw bar set up and we told them to stock up on the oysters, which they did, but we still ran out. The oysters were very good while they lasted as were the shrimp.
                                                                                    The wedding was at 2, reception started at 6, so needless to say there was lots of drinking before we even hit the reception. Next thing I know it's 4 in the morning, still in the tux and my wife still in her dress are dancing in the hotel lobby while our friends were singing along to our friends playing guitar. The hotel was quite fed up with us my then. lol

                                                                                    1. Well, my last wedding reception was at Trackside in Arlington Heights, IL (by Arlington Park.) What I really remember was hitting a trifecta before the drinks had even arrived which paid for the whole darn wedding. We ate at the restaurant there - it was just regular restaurant food - it wasn't memorable at all. The next day I made Thanksgiving Dinner for 20 people - now THAT was memorable.

                                                                                      And somewhat stupid now that I think about it!

                                                                                      1. I really couldn't take the time to enjoy my food when I got married. I was to overwhelmed. I do remember many of the dishes served though.
                                                                                        Prime Rib, and salmon cheese ball were great for leftovers later that night. =)
                                                                                        The thing I really remember is stuffing myself on the honeymoon. I loved the honeymoon food!