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Nov 7, 2008 10:41 AM

What food do you remember best from your wedding?

The idea that the bride and groom are too busy at the reception to eat certainly didn't happen at my wedding! And I remember all the savory foods much much more than I do the cake. I'll always associate the day with the taste of chicken and leek crepes in a basil cream sauce...

What food conjures up your wedding memories?

For better or worse? (grin)

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  1. Well considering I got married on October 4th, the memory of my food is still there :) Everyone is STILL talking about it! My husband and I are from New England, however we are living in Norfolk VA. The wedding was in Virginia Beach at a huge private house we rented on the beach. So, in honor of our New England background and our new Virginia background we decided to do a mixture of both. Our menu was Virginia Pig Pickin' VS. New England Clambake. Our chef flew in 60 lobsters from Maine, along with an abundance of steamers, clams, mussels, shrimp etc. We had a roasted pig and all of the traditional "fixings" to go along with it. Suffice to say, everyone chowed down! New England family members that never even heard of a traditional Vinegar based BBQ sauce were blown away! And our friends from this area had to be taught how to eat lobsters and steamers!

    It was truely a day that I will never forget; all because of the food.

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      This sounds like a fabulous idea! Can you please let me know who catered your wedding and what kind of "fixings" you had? I am from NY, but my fiance is from here and we were thinking of doing the same thing in a house in Sandbridge. Please fill me in on the details. I really need the help!

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        Hi there! We rented a house in Sandbridge :) If you want, you can email me and I'll give you all of the details.

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          With the variety of experiences you have had, there must be several good stories there!

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            My thoughts exactly...hehe. Only one real wedding (the other two were small, at home, ceremonies) and I remember great ham biscuits and my beautiful wedding cake that tasted like sawdust.

          2. Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat any of the food at my wedding. To save on costs, we did heavy hot and cold appetizers (and I do mean they were heavy, would be plenty for dinner) but because they were "appetizers," the facility insisted on clearing them after they'd only been out for about 30 minutes and despite us insisting that they leave the food since all they put out were little tiny app plates and nobody had gotten much to eat yet, they broke all the food down and took it away.

            The only thing I remember fondly eating was the cake, which was great. Our cake lady was such a nice, nice woman and baked wonderful cakes. Ours was extremely simple but very tasty and instead of bothering with the freeze/thaw/eat bad cake 1 year later ritual, we ordered another brand new (smaller) cake from her, we thought that would be a good anniversary present to ourselves every year and would help keep her business going. Unfortunately she got very bad Lupus and had to stop baking cakes after our first year. But I still remember the cake on that hot day and it was wonderful.

            1. I remember the bleu cheese burgers and the cake. I remember I wasn't too crazy about their vodka sauce on the pasta though. People still talk about the cake, it was really was awesome.

              1. I didn't get around to eating, even though my sister followed me around with a plate trying to get me to eat. The photographer insisted that I go first through the buffet so he could take pictures, and it was so hot it looks like I was having a stroke!

                The cake was great though, as I recall from finishing the top on our first anniversary.

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                  I could have written that, except for the sister with a plate part! I was too nervous to eat, didn't enjoy being center stage in such a big crowd. What can I say - was very young and the parents were very opinionated on the production. I did insist on good food. Wish I could have eaten it!