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ISO: non old-school sweet potato dish

IOW, no pineapple/marshmallows/brownsugar.

Although most of us dining will be adventurous, there will be some octagenarians who will want something closer to traditional than far-out, so looking for something that will be fun to eat, but not wild. Make any sense?

Don't really have the time to develop my own take, hoping for some recipes you might have used/developed. I've done a search here but haven't found anything that blows my skirt up, but I'm standing over the grate, hoping....

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  1. I've used this recipe for Ruth's Chris sweet potatoes before and thought it was really good, easy to make, and doesn't need to be in the oven or broiler at the last minute.

    1. My family demands that I bring sweet potato casserole to every holiday event... or that I send one even if I'm not coming.

      Whip together roasted sweet potatoes, two eggs, and splash vanilla until fluffy; spread into a casserole. Top with a streusal of pecans, soft butter, brown sugar, a few tablespoons flour, and tsp. cinnamon.

      Because the base isn't sweetened it's still a real vegetable , and the topping is classy and sweet without being sickly- It also looks really lovely on the table and seems to appeal to all ages.

      1. I've posted this many times, but this sweet potato recipe is a crowd pleaser, and my 60+ uncle says it is something like my grandmother would have made. But i don't think of it as "old-school." It just tastes really fresh and good, and the brightness of the oj and apples is great with the mellow potatoes.

        Boil sweet potatoes, remove skins, cut into "coins." Liine up coins in baking dish, alternating with cored granny smith apple slices (I slice them into rounds), kinda like knocked over dominos. Mix a cup or so of orange juice with 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1 tsp or so of cinnamon. Pour over potatoes and apples. Dot with butter and bake for 25-30 at 350. Seriously delicious.

        1. Cube some sweet potatoes, boil for 5 minutes and drain. In a seperate pan, preferably non-stick, combine some fresh grated ginger and few cloves of minced garlic with a few tablespoons of olive oil to cover the bottom, 2 t. fennel seeds, 1/2 t. tumeric, 1/8 t. cayenne and 1/2 t. salt. Start heating the oil, ginger, garlic mixture add potatoes and fry for about 1/2 hour or so, turning every once and again until the potatoes are fully cooked and browned. Can be made ahead and warms up great!

          1. I just cut em into 1" chunks and toss with olive oil and PLENTY of cumin, ground coriander, salt and cayenne pepper, and roast them in the oven till brown and tender. SO GOOD! They could be parboiled first to roast quicker.

            1. Last year friends of mine made a butternut squash casserole. I have the basic ingredients, but tweek to your liking. Smash cooked squash or sweet potatoes, season with lots of butter, S&P, etc. Put 1/2 the mixture in a casserole, place a layer of brie, cover with remaining squash/ sweet potato. Top with sliced almonds, bake until golden and bubbly. It was absolutely delish!

              1. Sweet-potato souffle. I made individual ones last year (very small T-giving crowd, though), but you can make a single bigger souffle. It's a savory dish with gruyere and parmesan cheese, in addition to the sweet potato. A little ginger, allspice, and freshly grated nutmeg really sets this dish off. The recipe is from the Williams-Sonoma Autumn book. Even sweet potato haters like my parents like this!

                1. I make sweet potato cookies and from ExtraVeganZa cookbook sweet potato pecan bread. Are you looking specifically for a side dish?

                  1. I made one either last year or year before that was awesome. Scalloped Sweet Potato with a creamy lemon/ginger sauce. This looks like it, can't find my recipe:

                    1. Serve sweet potato biscuits! They're my new favorite sweet potato recipe. http://ayankeeinasouthernkitchen.com/...

                      1. I had a lot of people over for the day after Thanksgiving and made a hash of sweet potato and other root vegetables including rutabaga. Diced them all individually and then mixed them together and finished in the oven.

                        1. Here is a really good non-traditional sweet potato recipe that was posted here several years ago by Nyleve. She titled the thread "Best Sweet Potato Dish Ever in History," a pretty accurate description, I thought, after I tried it. And it's very easy to make.


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                            Thanks all for responding--so many good ideas!

                            howchow and Sam D--will try out your suggestions. Plenty of time for research before Tday. I think I'll do two casseroles ahead to warm up, as the stove will be in action. A spicier one for the Kids and a more classic one for the Folks.

                            Scubadoo--have done something like this with apples mixed in--great with pork!

                            fallingup--was wanting to try this, do you just add a cup or so of mashed SP to a basic biscuit recipe? add more milk?

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                              I posted a link to a good recipe. There is also one on the Chow recipes section that I've looked at but haven't used. Yes, you do just use a basic biscuit recipe...combine flour, baking powder, salt, and cold butter, then add in some mashed sweet potato mixed with milk or buttermilk, and bake.

                          2. I make whipped sweet potatoes with honey and chopped cashews on top. It's sweet enough to be 'thanksgiving sweet potatoes' but not super-sugary so that my husband's diabetic grandmother can enjoy a little bit too.

                            1. A couple of years ago I made sweet potato yeast rolls with cardamom and cranberries. YUM, specially with good salted butter. If you can't find a recipe, I'm sure you could fudge a pumpkin yeast dough recipe. I think my Julia Child baking book has something alone those lines...

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                                Years ago when Costco was Price Club, they had a newsletter and printed a recipe from a cookbook featuring recipes using spirits. Can't remember the name. But the recipe in the newsletter was Kuhlua Candid Yams. If you are serving candid yams for Thanksgiving, you can't go wrong with adding Kuhlua. The flavors are wonderful. You cook sugar, butter, and Kuhlua in a skillet for 1 minute. (1/4 cup each butter and Kuhlua and 1/3 cup brown sugar.) Then you add cooked sliced yams and cook until slightly caramelized. As the number of my Thanksgiving guests increased, I tried to modify the recipe to cook in the oven but it is much better cooked in the skillet. So this year I am going to try one of the recipes listed here.

                              2. OK, I came to post this as new recipe, but found this thread instead.

                                We just had this, and it was fantastic. So we had our T-day cooking late due to stuff happeing, and cooked up a turkey hindquarter, 1 baking potato, and 1/2 sweet potato.

                                SO peeled and cubed the sweet potato and put it in a casserole dish with unpeeled cubed baking potato. I misted with vegetable oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Then I picked rosemary and sage from the garden, threw in a bunch of thyme leaves, rinsed them and whirled them up in the mini food processor. I tossed a few tablespoons of that in with the 'taters and mixed it all up. Threw it in the oven at 375 for 40 minutes or so.

                                Soooooo yummy!!!!!

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                                  Love sage or basil with sweet potatoes! I've done a mixed roasted root veg dish sort of like this, added apples and preserved ginger too. Nothing like fresh herbs.

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                                    Especially fresh herbs picked in the fading light of a flashlight with old batteries, held by my boyfriend!