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Nov 7, 2008 09:34 AM

Iberico ham in CT? (spec. Hartford?)

i'm guessing whole foods is probably a no on this, but there must be someplace in the state. any help would be appreciated, especially if it points to somewhere near hartford.

to clarify, i'd like to purchase for home, not looking for restaurant rec's


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    1. re: Brklynbobby

      yeah, i figured

      i'm more looking for a place where i can buy it in person, never been a fan of ordering food through the mail

      1. re: goodbyeohio

        seems like it it would be cheaper and way more fun to just go to spain and do it up right.we went last spring and its amazing,the wine,sherrys,the jamon,etc.,the people are super friendly too,just go.............

        1. re: im hungry

          Costa del Sol has it per the following article that appeared in the Hartford Courant:

          1. re: westie

            I've had it twice at Costa Del Sol and it is amazing. Talk to Pepe the owner. He does have a little retail shop there at the restaurant and I'm sure he'd work something out with you.

    2. Call Darien Cheese and ask if they have any. Or Fromage in Old Saybrook. They would be the only two places that I know of that would be able to recoup after such an investment. The wholesale price alone is around $80/lb. I know that Ibiza in New haven is slicing it up. Terrific stuff.

      1. Fairfield Cheese Company. Post Road fairfield.

        Thank me later.