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Nov 7, 2008 09:00 AM

Seeking Childhood Recipe-"Mock Apple Pie"

A child of the seventies, I recall eating a sweet, moist and delicious dessert called "Mock Apple Pie" after school with a glass of milk. I remember nothing of how it's constructed except that I believe it has Ritz Crackers in it?

Does anyone have a simple, easy recipe for Mock Apple Pie? I'd like to make one with my nephews at Thanksgiving.

Thank you.

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  1. It is on the Ritz Craker website:

    Enter "mock" in search ingredients box

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      1. re: pinehurst

        I was always curious about this recipe. I've seen it on countless Ritz boxes. Does it, in fact, taste anything like apples? Do you know about the infamous Ritz stuffing too? It was my ex-mother-in-laws specialty. Hated her loved the stuffing.