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Nov 7, 2008 08:52 AM

SOHO, Saturday night, 10 people, mid-price range


I'm looking for a restaruant in SOHO that can accomodate a party of 10 on a Saturday night (tomorrow) at 7:30. I'm flexible on cuisine, and prices should be $25 or less for entries. I've tried Opentable, but no luck. It's a group of mid- to late-20-somethings, if that matters. Any ideas?


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  1. What kind of ambiance are you looking for? Big, small, lound, trendy, intimate??

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    1. re: viniferaNYC

      Given that my options will probably be few, I won't be picky! But, that said, I would say that festive/"loud" is probably better than intimate/quiet. I'm not looking for trendy, but if it must be trendy, then that's OK.

    2. If you are open to Thai, Peep could work for a big group.

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        1. re: prdct

          Peep is not the first place I'd recommend. Cool appeal, food is pretty good, but small portions for the price and definitely not good for larger groups.

          Instead, I'd suggest Kittichai (also Thai) on Broome/Thompson. Much bigger space, cool scene pond, candles, foods pretty good too -- a good combo of what you may be looking for.

          If you want a more dramatic decor, a but more chic, (and taking into consideration, group size), larger place, you may want to check out Woo Lae Oak (Korean/Amer) or Public (Eclictic).

          Finally, you may also consider Jane Restaurant (on Houston/Thompson) -- same, cool, more low key decor, great food, good for groups and there's something on the menu for everyone.

          Good luck!

        2. how about Le Jardin, on Cleveland Place...

          1. Kitichai would be perfect,,, big tables,,, good food,,,, and great bar in the Thompson Hotel