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Nov 7, 2008 08:30 AM

Site freezes on IE 7

I was recently tricked into updating my Internet Explorer Browser to 7. Since then Chowhound is the only site that consistently freezes up my browser. I can look around for a few minutes, then it gets stuck and I have to do a CTL ALT DEL and close the page.

Also the site is slow.

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  1. IE7 is the worst browser. If you've just gone to from IE6 to IE7, you've just destablized your system.

    Go into your Task Manager, Click on Processes, and just take a look at the CPU that IE7 uses -- over 90%. Ridiculous.

    That's why Chowhound is taking forever to load. It's the program, not Chowhound. Go back.

    I used IE - "Resource Hog" - 7 for about 5 days, then went back to IE6. Remove IE7 in Add/Remove Pgrams and 6 will be restored with your bookmarks. Good as new.

    Consider Firefox, also. Do an Internet search about the huge IE7 problems.Can't believe it's part of Windows Update.

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    1. re: maria lorraine

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You totally made my day!!! I had no idea I could go back. I do also have Firefox, but I usually don't remember to start it until IE 7 had crashed!!!!

      1. re: maria lorraine

        Odd I don't have problems on any other site besides Chowhound. Given all the problems across all browsers reported, IE7 is not the main problem here. I'm not going to argue techie problems here, but you can search the web for almost any browser and find a laundry list of problems. Then again I wasn't a fan if IE6.

        1. re: rworange

          IE7 has many more flaws than other browsers.

          Its many bugs, horrendous CPU usage and computer-slowing are very well-documented, and occur with much greater severity and frequency than with other browsers. Lots to read online if you'd care to research the issue.

          Certainly, Chowhound's computer issues occur across many browsers, but with IE7, the problem becomes two-fold: serious browser issues AND Chowhound server/coding issues.

          It can become difficult to tease the two apart -- is the Chowhound site loading slowly because of Chowhound server issues or because of IE7 slowing the computer?

          Eliminate one source of slowing -- IE7 -- and you can see which issues are Chowhound's.

          Good luck,

          1. re: maria lorraine

            I just want to stress again, I visit MANY sites on the web. I have no problems with IE7 OTHER than Chowhound. I would hope that engineering would not write off the problems with this site as a browser issue since, problems or not, it is one of the most commonly used browsers on the web.

            1. re: rworange

              <<I would hope that engineering would not write off the problems with this site as a browser issue>>

              I don't think for a moment that they are.

              <<It is one of the most commonly used browsers on the web.>>

              It's also the single worst browser you could use, especially for a site that
              already has issues. I know. I'm a geek. I've researched this backwards and forwards.

              It's important to know which Chowhound issues are actual Chowhound issues, and which are being needlessly compounded and exacerbated by IE7.

              Since you've liked neither IE6 or IE7, you're the perfect candidate for the best current working browser of all: Firefox. Your Chowhound experience could be so much better merely by changing browsers. Both are easy switches, especially back to IE6.

              Again, please research the isse if you'd like to learn more.


              1. re: maria lorraine

                I manage geeks ... professional ones ... from the time when there were chads ... and one thing is that they often march to their own drummer. The shiniest geek toys are usually the ones that don't catch on. Hey, I'm from the days when 'real' programmers coded in Fortran ... or better yet ... Assembler. What would make you assume I haven't researched the issue. This is how I make my living ... which includes evaluating software recs from the engineers for the best option. I also did not say I didn't like IE7. I said I didn't like IE6. I have tried Firefox and a number of other browsers. I like IE7. You don't. There you go.

                If you read this fairly recent CNET article about Firefox, scrolling down to the comments gives the arguments I hear all the time about the superiority of one app vs another. Also there are comments about the problems with Firefix which was my experience. Given the vastly smaller market share, once outside of Chowhound I have more problems on other sites with Firefox at this time.

                I agree with Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft's general manager who says ""IE is the browser of choice for more people on the Web than anything else," Hachamovitch said. "There's an all-around quality, whether in ease of use, reliability, the security we stand by, that makes it a better choice."

                That has been my personal experience ... Chowhound excepted.

                1. re: rworange

                  Easy on the snarkiness, RW. No need for that.

                  I do know what I'm talking about and have made an attempt to help you.
                  Obviously, you don't appreciate that.

                  But you missed the point.

                  IE7 compounds Chowhound issues.

                  You've frequently complained of latency issues and loading issues.

                  IE7 makes these worse.

                  I never implied that you had not researched the issue, but you seemed unaware that IE7 makes Chowhound issues much worse than other browsers.

                  Please research the issue further. Or not. But ease off the snark for sure.


                  Edited to add: I see you've changed your post.

                  1. re: maria lorraine

                    What snark? I also know what I'm talking about. Is saying that snarky?

                    I am more than aware Chowhound and IE7 are not friends.

                    However, it is not a matter of just me. It is a matter that the majority of users on the web use IE and when then come here they have problems.

                    I agree with one of the comments in that link I provided "FF isn't meant for end users- it's for tech geeks. It always has been and always will be. :).

                    And Linux is the superior operating system to Windows ... well, heck, anything is superior to Windows.

                    But the point is that the real world at this time is IE and Windows and any commercial site should be able to accomodate that without all the problems this site has.

                    The things that are good about Firefox, Linux ... or the favored geek toy of the moment ... , is that geeks need the bells and whistles that the average end user doesn't ever need.

                    What is snarky about acknowledging that from the dinosaur days, there were always the wonder apps. Outside of the tech world, few people use them.

                    What is snarky about saying I know all about different browsers, have tried them and have had less problems with IE ... and frankly if I were going the tech route, I'd choose Opera.

                    I'm aware of everthing you said from the first post. I just disagree. It is absolutely no help to me to use a browser like Firefox that I have more problems with on other sites. It is no help to me to tell me to go back to IE6, a browser I like a whole lot less than IE7.

                    Any commercial site needs to accomodate the masses.

                    1. re: maria lorraine

                      1. Not my personal experience ... except all the bad stufff mentioned.

                      2. How does this address that the average joe will come here, have problems and leave. Maybe when people sign up they should getl one of those links that says to use this site you must download Firefox ... along with instructions for all the addon that must be installed to make Firefox worthwhile.

                  2. re: rworange

                    My experience with IE is different than yours. I have more problems with IE net wide than I do with FF.

                    And I am far from being a tech geek, I simply like things that work better for me.

                    One thing I found that helps when I am forced to use IE is a free program called Spybot S&D - I don't know if you use this or not, but if you don't it is very much worth using. The Spybot IE resident blocks a lot of the problems caused by ads, adware, and spyware.

              2. re: maria lorraine

                I have IE6 at work and only in the last week have I've been experiencing hang ups and crashes. It seems to be tied into the new ads running on top right.

                I don't have this issue at home when I use FF.

                1. re: Jase

                  I reverted back to six, adn since then, this site has been freezing again.

                  1. re: LisaN

                    I strongly suggest Firefox 3 with the Flashblock add-on. Many sites are now running flash ads and utilities which dramatically drain resources for the unknowing user. I tried this site with IE 7, and although it is a little slower, there are no significant problems, at least with my machine and setup. I am using IE 7 to post this reply. For those who have just upgraded to IE 7, try running additional update checks for recent Windows releases and make sure you restart your system for the changes to take effect. Be aware that start up times are incredibly long with the new software, so be patient before you try to get online after a restart. Good luck.

                    1. re: LisaN

                      LisaN, if you do continue with IE6, be sure you know how to manage your Add-Ons, under Tools. Many can be disabled and that will make the machine run faster. You may also want to check that your uninstall of 7 was complete.

                      IE7 runs much faster without Tabs, easy to disable just like some of the other add-ons.
                      There are ways to make it less a resource hog.


            2. I usually hate to recommend beta versions because... they are works in progress and by definition they are unfinished. I have to admit the IE 8 beta2 is blazing. For those despairing, there is this alternative for Internet Explorer. I am using IE 8 to post this reply, no worries.

              1. For the first time ever with any site, I'm having the same problem with IE6: hard lock-ups that require forcing the window closed. They generally seem to occur when clicking Back to return to a board index after reading a post.

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                1. re: meatme

                  >For the first time ever with any site, I'm having the same problem with IE6: hard lock-ups that require forcing the window closed. They generally seem to occur when clicking Back to return to a board index after reading a post.<

                  This is my experience exactly, also using IE6. It just started in the last week or so. Very discouraging.

                2. Disable the Shockwave Flash Addon (go to Tools -> Manage Add-ons) and Chowhound behaves nicely. Would be nice if there was an equivalent to Flashblock ( a Firefox addon) for IE7.

                  1. I had the same problem up until an hour ago. It was so bad that I hated to come on this site.
                    Downloaded Foxfire and problems are over.
                    Have to get used to a new browser though.