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Nov 7, 2008 08:13 AM

Best Value for Open Table's November quasi-restaurant week?

I'm trying to decide on a lunch and dinner for Open Table's quasi-resturant week from Nov 17-21. Here is a link to the deal:

At the risk of posing too broad a question, does anyone have any recommendations on where to go for the most bang for my buck?

Ideally I would like to go somewhere where I'll get an experience I wouldn't normally be able to get. So for example, I'd rather not go to a place that already offers a 3 course prix fixe. On the other hand, a place that doesn't tend to dumb things down too much for these types of deals but might otherwise be too pricey would be perfect.

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  1. Restaurant week is usually in August and January. So you are planning really early or are a little late.

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      Oops. Its not actually restaurant week, just an Open Table deal, but a lot of places are participating and it looks like a mini-restaurant week. I updated the original post. Thanks.

    2. It's Open Table's "Appetite Stimulus Plan".

      Vidalia is my recommendation.
      eta: and the Prime Rib (I think I'll be making a reservation there myself).

      1. Mio, Corduroy, 701, Rasika, Spezie are both good deals price wise on the list. I might add secondly as alternated Ceiba and its brother and sister restuarants and Mie N Yu. All these places are good and would be over $35 for three courses, the first ones though I think are the better deals with more impressive food.

        1. Stear clear of Zengo, instead of true three courses they are doing two small plates and dessert, not really a bargain. You'll get a better bang for your buck elsewhere.