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Nov 7, 2008 07:59 AM

Dinner near Mill Run/Ohiopyle Area

Two New Yorkers visiting Fallingwater with our parents the day after Christmas. We'd like to find a good place to have an early dinner (5pm) after our tour. Anyone know of any good eats? Any local treasures?

Last time I was in the area with my parents, we ate at a ski resort. We were willing to pay NYC-prices to have a nice meal. I won't even describe what the meal was like. So, we're a little timid about exploring Mae's or other lodge restaurants without strong recs. Don't mind paying, but it needs to be worth it.


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  1. Well there are a few places in the area. Not sure how far you would wish to travel away from Ohiopyle but there is Lesley's Restaurant in Donegal.
    Caileigh's in Uniontown.
    Italian Oven in Connellsville.
    I do wonder where you ate at a Ski Resort as we have two in the area and there is a fine dining restaurant at one that I know of.

    1. Not too experienced with the area, but there is the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort right nearby. They have several places to eat there. I have been to most, and they're "okay" but they do have a place called "Seasons" which serves surprisingly good Asian-Fusion cuisine. It's located in the Spa building and is a total contrast to the other dining spots at Nemacolin. Have a fun trip. Falling Water is very cool and it's funny. I was there about 4 years ago..RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS!!!

      1. I'm not sure how far it would be from Fallingwater, but there is an awesome little French place called Chez Gerard in Hopwood, PA. A French couple owns the place; he cooks and she serves. They are friendly, the food is wonderful, and the price is great. The last time I was there, the lunch was something like $28 for three courses (one is their extensive cheese plate).

        1. That's great! Actually my husband and I are doing the same thing. We are in SF, but staying at Nemacolin with my parents for Christmas. And we plan to go to Falling Water/Ohio Pyle on Saturday. How ironic! =)

          Anyway, the restaurants at Nemacolin are supposed to be very good. There is one, Lautrec I think is the name. It is the only AAA five diamond between Chicago and Philadelphia. I think the prices are between $100 and $135 per person.

          Also, if you make it into Pittsburgh, there is a new restaurant called Nine on Nine (I think). It got rave reviews from fellow SF'ers. So I think it is a good bet. Finally some other good ideas in Pittsburgh include Mio, Toast and Umi. Good luck.

          1. I highly recommend

            Out of the Fire Cafe
            3784 State Route 31
            Donegal PA. 15628
            It is very close to the Donegal I-76 turnpike exit

            excellent food, great atmosphere

            Check out someone's Flickr site about the restaurant

            specialty is smoked salmon, in a variety of forms. Vegetarian options available

            Another review -

            (Do not go to Italian Oven in Connellsville - As a local tired of dumb restaurants, I can only ask that visitors not support mediocrity)