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Nov 7, 2008 07:52 AM

Food Processor Dilema

I recently got married & we got 2 different food processors as a wedding gift. One is a 10 cup Hamilton Beach & the other is a 7 cup Cuisinart. We already own a 1.5 mini & love it, but we only need 1 of these larger ones. I know Cuisinart is a great brand & have heard some negative things lately about the newer Hamilton Beach stuff. What's our best move? Keep the smaller Cuisinart? Keep the larger capacity processor cause HB isn't really that bad? Or take em both back & get a larger (10+ cup) Cuisinart or different brand?

Help & Thanks!

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  1. ? the KITCHEN AID 12 cup,without going to a professional/commercial model it may be the best out there.KFPW760 or KFPM770 9 ( don't know if the model numbers have changed) have three bowls :12 cup /chef's bowl /mini bowl

    1. Agree. Take them both back and get the large size Kitchen Aid (10 or 12 cup -- I can't remember).

      1. keep the Cuisinart - I'm retiring my KA

        1. KitchenAide with mini bowl, absolutely rocks. (IMHO)

          Mine is the 7/3 cup (bowl 1/bowl 2) model MSRP $149.99 that I got shipped to door for <1/2 price new. They make a 9/4 cup model and a 12/4cup model. Perhaps so close to Christmas, you may find a steal of a deal.

          1. I got the 12-cup Kitchenaid with the mini-bowl for my birthday (to nofunlatte from nofunlatte). I love it! But I don't kow what sorts of things you'd like to use your food processor for.