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Nov 7, 2008 07:47 AM

HELP Classic New York

So I screwed up royally and forgot to make a reservation at Luger tonight for dinner with the better my salvation and suggest a restaurant that has a classic nyc vibe and serves up steak, seafood, american, or french....doesn't have to be $$$ just a place that knows how to sling a drink and where the waiters are lifers. Any location in manhattan below 90th fine. The sooner the better...thanks!

Ps. I was thinking Keen's....... thoughts?

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  1. try my favorite... Keen's Chop House.

    1. Keens is a great choice.

      1. Keens is our favorite as well.

        1. I agree, Keens is probably your best bet.

          Although if you are considering French you may want to look at La Grenouille - old fashioned french haute cuisine, and staff that treat you like royalty. It may be difficult to get a day of res... although in this economy you never know.

          There's also Old Homestead which will give you the experience you're looking for.

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          1. The steaks and ambiance at Keen's are well-known. Not so well known is the quality of their bartenders - they are at the top of the heap and serve the best manhattans and sazeracs in town - along with everthing else.