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HELP Classic New York

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So I screwed up royally and forgot to make a reservation at Luger tonight for dinner with the better half....be my salvation and suggest a restaurant that has a classic nyc vibe and serves up steak, seafood, american, or french....doesn't have to be $$$ just a place that knows how to sling a drink and where the waiters are lifers. Any location in manhattan below 90th fine. The sooner the better...thanks!

Ps. I was thinking Keen's....... thoughts?

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  1. try my favorite... Keen's Chop House.

    1. Keens is a great choice.

      1. Keens is our favorite as well.

        1. I agree, Keens is probably your best bet.

          Although if you are considering French you may want to look at La Grenouille - old fashioned french haute cuisine, and staff that treat you like royalty. It may be difficult to get a day of res... although in this economy you never know.

          There's also Old Homestead which will give you the experience you're looking for.

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          1. The steaks and ambiance at Keen's are well-known. Not so well known is the quality of their bartenders - they are at the top of the heap and serve the best manhattans and sazeracs in town - along with everthing else.

            1. Thanks for confirming..... we wound up downtown and decided to check out the Libertine. While our waiter was nice and the decor outstanding the cocktails and food were merely "ok." The hubby is a bit of a cocktail snob and was not happy with his old fashioned. The lobster roll appetizer was decent but my main course steak and kidney pie was more like pot roast with a crust and kidney sauce on top. It didn't have that savory aspect I expect from comfort food. We are going to check out Keen's in the very near future.

              Michael G I'm wondering if you are psychic as our favorite drinks are sazeracs and manhattans! Now I'm wondering how Keen's handles the elusive bullshot....