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Nov 7, 2008 07:44 AM

Nice places to lunch in Naples?

We're going to Naples next week for a business trip. DH will be working in the evenings so we won't be able to go out at dinner time, but we'll have the daytimes free. Any good suggestions for places that are open for lunch or in the afternoon? No seafood restaurants (DH is allergic)...

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  1. My 2 favorite places for lunch are across the street from each other on 3rd St. South. Campiello's and Tommy Bahamas have nice outdoor seating and excellent food. Another good spot is at the Ritz Carlton's Gumbo Limbo restaurant, with outdoor tables next to the beach looking out at the gulf.

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      I enjoyed our dinner at Tommy Bahama's, and still remember an excellent thick grilled pork chop (not on the lunch menu). The restaurant has both outdoor patio and indoor seating, and a lunch menu (including prices) is posted online. Posts about Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers can be found on the Florida board, but are far between. You may want to search for posts by Revrend Andy, Val, lexpatti, and lil ms foodie. There is also a good blog on the local restaurant scene, found at:

    2. Weather is so nice, you'll want to sit outside. Most of the restaurants in Third Street South area have outdoor areas. Tommy Bahama is good for lunch and the chicken salad at Campiello's is one of the original reasons for that restaurant's popularity. Candied walnuts, gorgonzola and carmelized pears make the chicken salad different and a winner.

      On Fifth Avenue, I am partial to Cafe Lurcat or Bar Lurcat. Sitting on the terrace and watching the passing crowd is fun. You might check to see if they are open yet for lunch. Many restaurants do dinner only during off season and it is still off season to some.

      1. Our motel turned out to be way up in NORTH Naples, miles away from anywhere interesting to eat.... we ate at Perkins (ick but it was right next to the motel), Burger King (even icker but ditto), Crispers (adequate sandwiches, soup was pretty mediocre), and Five Guys (the best meal of our stay, and new to us because they don't have them in Fort Lauderdale). So not exactly a gourmet week, but cheap!

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