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Nov 7, 2008 07:35 AM

Help! Need a replacement

About 10 years ago I visited NYC several times and there was a phenomenal restaurant called Rosemarie's on Duane street downtown. It was Italian, mid-priced, cozy decor, and the best butternut squash ravioli i've ever had! Memorable! It has long since closed and i was wondering if anyone knew anything about an off shoot of the restaurant or a comparable gem. Thanks!

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  1. First place that comes to mind is Forge, my new favorite, although it's New American, excellent food, large place, but very warm and cozy ambiance -exposed brick, candle lights, wooden tables. May not be a evey week, go-to place, but definitely worth trying.

    Forge 134 Reade Street NYC 10013 Reservations: 212.941.9401

    Another place in Tribeca, is Max's. Italian local spot, also warm decor, home made pastas, best lasagna, very reasonably priced! Smaller than Forge, more casual, cash only.

    181 Duane St. Manhattan, NY 10013Phone: 212-966-5939

    1. Try Arqua, also downtown italian