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Nov 7, 2008 07:28 AM

Redstone American Grill, Plymouth Meeting

My daughter went there on a date. I have yet to hear what she thought, but I would love to know what the CHs think. I gather it's a [small] chain that opened its first PA property last summer.


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  1. I was there at the end of the summer and thought the atmosphere was delightful and the food very flavorful. It's not gourmet, but more like home-cooked. I had the combo platter of roast chicken and small order of ribs. Juicy, tender and with delicious gravy and bbq sauce. Try it!

    1. We have been 5 or 6 times since it opened. There is another thread on CH regarding Redstone. I am not smart enough to insert it here. ;-)

      The Stoli Doley (pineapple martini) is to DIE for! Everything we have ordered has been really delicious. One exception is the fondue. It is served with jerk chicken and we didn't care for that. I have had the corn bread (served in a cast iron mini skillet) with maple butter, the grilled ham and cheese sandwich, the buffalo shrimp (one of my favorites). Husband had the BBQ ribs. He was really pleased. Their cole slaw is excellent. Their soups are generous and delicious.

      It is a chain. But I like it. Like the poster said, it is not gourmet cuisine. Good American fare and you should give it a try.

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        The fact that you can sit outside at a bar or table in the middle of a parking lot and not really remember you are in a parking lot makes this place a keeper for atmosphere alone. I have to disagree with Crazyspice on the Stoly Doli. It was awful compared to Capitol Grill and not as good compared to Sullivans. That was my biggest disappointmnet. The flatbreads are great and I second the buffalo shrimp. Surprisingly, the highly recommended rotisierie chicken sandwich - not so much! Service was great.

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          Agree on the delightful outdoor dining. When I went they even had a fire pit going near the bar area. I really enjoyed my pineapple martini recommended by our server, but I admit it was the first one I have ever tried and I was feeling very much in need of some alcoholic refreshment. I had some corn and crab chowder, and some of the yummy cornbread. I usually don't comment on this but our server was just perfect. The young lady had just the right amount of friendliness and quiet competence. She was mellow, laid back, and put me right at ease when the drive over there had jangled my nerves. Well, the martini helped with that too.

      2. Haven't been to this location but the Marlton one is super-close to home. DH and I have had many a happy Sunday brunch experience there. They recently updated the menu and our server offered to have the kitchen make my favorite frittata (which was not on the new menu - ?). I've had dinner there once; the fancier-named bacon cheeseburger was really tasty, fries were okay, and my friend enjoyed her Waldorf salad. Brunch is very reasonably priced (~$10 pp) but dinners seemed a bit expensive. I'd definitely recommend it for brunch (isn't it obvious by now? :) ).

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          Thanks, all , for your replies satisfying my curiosity on the food. I heard from my daughter that she had a great date, but rather little on the food. She said she followed my advice of judging a restaurant by its simple roasted chicken, but she was remarkably silent on what she thought of the chicken. From her enthusiasm for the date in general, I gather that her mind was not entirely focused on the food. She is not a CH, at least not yet. But it is still good news, all things considered.

          Thanks again.