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Nov 7, 2008 06:53 AM

inexpensive, quick, sit down in AC

any ideas? I am going to a concert and would like to get some decent food before hand. thanks!

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    1. If your concert is at the convention center or boardwall hall the continental on the pier behind caesars is a good choice. Food is fun, good to very good and can be quick.

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      1. re: AC Captain

        I second White House Subs, it's not as packed at night but I would encourage you to get there early-ish, just in case.

        Otherwise, I'd go to Horizon's at the Atlantic City Hilton, it's surprisingly good and has a huge diner-like menu. If your concert is on a weekend night, I'd also say try to get there early in case there's a line. FYI, they have everything from HUGE Deli sandwiches to Omelettes and FANTASTIC Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings. They're open 24 HOURS! NICE!!!

      2. Just a couple blocks south of White House subs is Little Saigon - good Vietnamese, not expensive.

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        1. re: fpatrick

          thanks for the suggestions, white house is great but not what i am looking for. anyone been to teplitskys (sp)? in the new chelsea hotel?

          1. re: elegantelliot

            I have not but know that the food and beverage at the chelsea is ran by Stephen Starr ( owner of buddakan and continental). Also I believe their hours are very limited right now I think they are open from 7 am til 2 pm, but you should check that out with them.

            1. re: AC Captain

              Also neither quick or inexpensive. I second Little Saigon.

              1. re: Rocket88

                I third Little Saigon - you won't be disappointed.