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Nov 7, 2008 06:18 AM

Best pastries in UES?

I'm supposed to bring dessert for a dinner party. I want to bring an assortment of pastries. Where should I go?

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    1. Two Little Red Hens is good, though I think they are more cakes/cupcakes/pies/cookies than 'pastries'. Dean & Deluca on Madison has a nice selection, and I quite like the pastries at Citarella too - and they are probably cheaper there. William Greenberg is a nice bakery, but I'm not sure what their pastry selection is like.

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        Another place to consider - Payard.

        1. re: MMRuth

          Both excellent suggestions, MMRuth.

      2. Cafe Noi at 2nd Ave and 76th Street has amazing pastries baked fresh everyday right on premises! I've tried their raspberry danish, chocolate croissant, and chocolate rugalah. All were exceptional and I am very picky about pastries since I used to live in France! They're light, flaky, not too sweet, and super yummy!

        1. Andre's Hungarian

          on 2nd Ave, 85th Street
          Fantastic, cherry...YUMMY!

          1. Payard.
            No competition.