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Nov 7, 2008 05:53 AM

Last Minute trip to Washington, need place to dinner saturday night.

Hi, I'm taking my two nieces from Brasil to spend the weekend in Washington. I tried Central, but is booked. Any other option in the same type of restaurant?

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  1. Blue Duck Tavern has a table for 3 at 6;45 Sat night.

    1. Try Cafe du Parc -- near the Willard Hotel. Stop in the Willard for drinks in the famous Round Robin Bar.

      1. I went once to Washington and i stayed close 12th NW and i remember a restaurant that served small plates, walking distance from my hotel. If someone could help me find out the name i would love to keep that name for future trip, not for this one cause i know that is not my nieces's type, but i want go back there one day. I will check the menu with them, from both places , thank you very much. ( sorry my bad english)

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        1. re: JoanaBR

          Most likely either:
          Zaytina (corner of 9th and G) or
          Jaleo (corner of 7th and E).

          1. re: Lauman

            yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Zaytina that one.... tytyty... i have good memories ..

        2. How old are your nieces? If they're of age and you have your heart set on Central (and with good reason), you could eat in the bar area.

          Cafe du Parc is lovely, but if you're looking for something a little more creative, I see availabilities at Cafe Atlantico, DC Coast, and late ones at Founding Farmers and Zola. Another option would be the lounge menu at The Source.

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          1. re: katecm

            they are 21 and 18, im 41 i thought the central was perfect as a menu and location. We will stay at 12th Street NW again, i will check the bar area , thank you.

            1. re: JoanaBR

              Great! And if you can't get into the bar area, head toward Zola, which will only be about a three-block walk. It's part of the spy museum and, in addition to having delicious food, has really cool decor.