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Nov 7, 2008 05:40 AM

Neurotic needs food storage advice

Ok, so I'll admit to being a tad bit paranoid about storing stuff too long and giving everyone food poisoning - I put it down to too many Reader's Digest stories about people dying of botulism read at an early age. Anyway. I just bought some red miso, and I have no idea how long the stuff stays good once it's open. I'm assuming it's not terribly long, but perhaps someone could enlighten me?


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  1. I just bought red miso also and the "best by date" is July 03, 2010.
    Some white miso I recently bought says that it keeps indefinately; since it has been fermented and aged already I tend to believe this.
    Just make sure to keep it refrigerated and airtight and you will be fine.
    One thing I have been trying to remember lately is to tag & date foods I make and put in the fridge, such as chicken broth. When did I make that? Masking tape on the lid tell the date. Almost stress free storage! Good luck.

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        Thanks for the tips! Now I don't have to worry about using the entire package at once. ;o)