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Nov 7, 2008 05:28 AM

what's your favorite byob in brooklyn (preferably on the f line)

looking to try a new restaurant tonight and prefer byob. cuisine doesn't matter, but i would prefer entree price to be <$20 if possible. as for location, close proximity to the f line is preferred. thanks in advance for all suggestions!

what's your favorite byob place?

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  1. zaytoons on smith for middle eastern or ghang thai on smith. there's another thai further down smith street that i recall being byob, but don't know the name offhand.

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    1. re: vatl619

      Ghang Thai is the restaurant you're referring to. Lucali would get my vote, as well.

    2. My vote for best byob in Brooklyn goes to Lucali, a short walk down Carroll Street from the Carroll stop on the F. Great pizza, but you need to get there early (6:00) or be prepared to wait a while.

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      1. re: jmh

        I second Lucali.

        Petite Crevette is a good suggestion too, but I haven't been since they've moved to their newest location.


      2. Petite Crevette on Hicks near Union is about a 10 minute walk from Carroll St. F line. I think it is a $5 corkage fee. There are several wine stores in the area and along the route from the subway station. The closed to the restaurant is Old Brooklyn Wines on Union between Hicks and Columbia.

        Lucali would be at the top of my BYOB list as welll, but it is a sit down pizzeria, not really a restaurant if that is OK with you (not a full menu).

        Olive and Vine Cafe on Court St. is also BYOB, but I have never tried it.

        1. There's a yummy Indonesian byob place called Java Indonesian Rijsttafel on the corner of 16th Street and 7th Avenue in Park Slope. It's family-owned, reasonably priced, and there's a liquor store across the street. Good luck!

          1. Taci Beyti is located right between the B/Q and F on Ave. P & CIA. About a 10 minute or so walk from each station. The food is good and reasonably priced and should meet your criteria. The last time we were there we were the only table to NOT have a 750ml bottle of vodka on our table.

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              another vote for lucali, but blah blah blah, you know the drill. second is watana thai, get off the f at 7th ave & 9th st and walk to about 14th street.

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                The thing about Lucali: Don't go when they first open in the evening. The oven isn't yet hot enough and the slices are soggy. Still tastes good, but the pizza drops from 5 starts to 3.5. Late in the evening they bang out the real thing.