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Nov 7, 2008 05:18 AM

Hannah and Mason's - Cranbury, NJ

Last night on Kitchen Nightmares, they featured Hannah and Mason's in Cranbury. Unfortunately based on another thread it seems they didn’t change much. Anybody familiar with this place care to opine?

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  1. After watching the episode last evening, reading the complete attached thread and the newspaper interview.....I can only come to the conclusion these two owners are in serious denial.

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    1. re: fourunder

      I just read their review from 2005

      sadly, the show and the earlier thread posts appear to be spot on.
      The review tries to be positive, but gives away all the flaws on the show (brown lettuce in salad, desserts bought off-site, high priced items, lousy schedule (only 2 nights a week open?!?!


      I hope they get back to Chef Ramsay's 'coaching' and just see if it works out for a year or so. What have they got to lose?

      Wishing Hannah and Mason's all the best!!

      Catch more Kitchen Nightmares here:

    2. This is interesting
      their website seems to be down, however, I can reach an old piece of it here:

      Then, google shows the Kitchen Nightmares show effect (very positive) at bringing out an internet buzz .. from 300 visitors to 8000 when the show aired, per:

      that's awesome!

      My wife and I have been watching all the KN shows on as we missed many of these during the season. Chef Ramsay really has been doing a great work here.. I think this is his best cooking yet--very inspirational!!!

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      1. re: skywatcher

        The business closed a few months ago.

        1. re: punkin712

          Up for sale on Craigslist a couple weeks ago. A friend of mine in the business said one of those owners, the blonde guy, applied for his place as a server. I don't know how valid that is...he is more of an old friend but still can't see him making it up.

      2. A New Restaurant is Opening at this location in Cranbury NJ
        Sign Posted:
        Catrina's Northern Italian Restaurant
        Opening Soon

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        1. re: shabbystorm

          According to someone in the know, it's being opened by people that have a restaurant in Brooklyn. Should open very soon.

          1. re: shabbystorm

            To repeat what I, unfortunately, have to say way too often: Just what we need. Another Italian restaurant! :(

            1. re: RGR

              RGR with all due respect, for me, speaking locally, I'm hoping something so close to home is good. Can't help it - just LOVE Italian food!

            2. re: shabbystorm

              Well, this is not going to happen. Sign gone, building for sale again, etc.
              I heard Catrina's people are looking elsewhere in Cranbury.

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. I saw a re-run of this episode and am I so glad I never eat here!!!

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                1. re: Angelina

                  I also saw it, Angelina, and thought the exact same thing. I live close by, never knew it existed because the sign was never prominently displayed and/or signs/logos identifying it as a restaurant! Then they have the brass (&^%$ to open 3 nights a week for dinner? Are they kidding? In the current economy you need to do better than that.

                  1. re: jethro

                    I know, jethro. ha ha Did you see that nasty looking onion soup?? Was the chef high when he thought that looked good? That pile of crap on top, I would have sent back right away. If I wanted french fries, I would have ordered them.

                    Now we see why the place closed so fast.