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Nov 7, 2008 05:11 AM

A special New Year's eve meal in London--suggestions?

We are going to London for the first time ever from December 26th - January 4th. We are lucky enough to be staying in a flat belonging to a friend of a friend, so will be able to "cook in" most of the time and save a lot of $$$ that way. But for New Year's Eve itself, we want to go someplace special . . . after all, New Year's Eve in London! COME ON!

The only criteria are these:

1) Must have steak and/or pasta on the menu
2) Must be MEMORABLE, SPECIAL, etc. since it will definitely be the culinary highlight of a trip where we're eating in a lot
3) Don't want to blow college tuition-level bucks, but it's OK if it's on the expensive side

All suggestions eagerly anticipated . . . thank you!

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  1. Quo Vadis in Soho.
    You'd probably have to book right now, though.