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Nov 6, 2008 11:57 PM

Indulge Cafe closed??

Took a bunch of co-workers down to Indulge Cafe at Pico & Redondo today for lunch, only to find the place was completely closed up with a note on the door saying the locks and alarm code had been changed. Even the sign in front was painted over. Anyone know what happened?? They had the best burgers...

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  1. Why oh why do I wait to long to try places. It wouldn't surprise me if Indulge Cafe can be added to my growing list of foodie spots I've missed out on. They're all closing!

    At this rate I might have to consider setting aside a week to try everything I need to do. Stomach capacity be damned.

    1. What????? I was supposed to take a friend there tomorrow. The best burgers in the neighborhood.
      But, they recently repainted/graffited the restaurant over. I'm going to ask my source for all neighborhood food gossip see if she has some information.

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      1. re: bad nono

        please post back with any info. I also passed by and it did look closed.

        1. re: kevin

          Just drove by and it was closed, and my gossip source wasn't at her headquarters (La Maison du Pain) . Bummer. I drive by every day, so if it re-opens I'll let everybody know. It may just be a quick remodel (let's hope!)

      2. It still says Indulge Cafe on the awning as of 3 hours ago. But at 10:45 today it looked closed.

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        1. re: Burger Boy

          Any new news on the Indulge front? It looks closed, but the signage remains the same. There's no word on foodie street... I've been told the burger is a "must try" and I'm going to be pretty bummed if it's closed forever. Anyone got the scoop???

          1. re: wendysland

            I've asked around in the neighborhood and no one knows anything. I was driving by on Sunday and saw someone inside cleaning up, but I was too late to stop by and ask. Not only the burger is/was good, but they are/were the nicest people.
            I forgot to add I tried calling a couple of times and no one's picking up/no answering machine, but the number isn't disconnected.

            1. re: bad nono

              please report back if anyone has any news. i've only been a couple times since it reopened.

              1. re: kevin

                The 2 partners split, and one has put it on the market for sale.

        2. Bloom Cafe is not far from the Indulge, so you might want to ask Arnaud Palatan, its owner, if he knows anything. He is generally quite aware of things going on in his neighborhood, be it at his former place, Pastis on Beverly, or now at Bloom.

          1. Just went by today for lunch and was terribly disappointed. There is a sign in the window asking that mail be delivered to "We Jammin'"

            This is really too bad, as I loved Mo Betta Meatty Meat burgers, and I never did have a chance to taste them again at Indulge.

            Mr Taster