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Nov 6, 2008 11:39 PM

Good soups in Queens?

Since the weather's getting cold, what are some places with good, hearty soups in Queens? (not Asian noodles, because I know all good ones already)

Seafood gumbo, lobster bisque and clam chowder are my faves.

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  1. this is a big problem in queens, and why a hale and hearty would do great, especially in the Forest Hills area. Very good matzoh ball soup at Knish Nosh on QB in Forest Hills, and there will be a Panera opening on Monday in Glendale, and they actually have a couple decent soups, but they taste a bit processed. I love hale and hearty and go out the one in Glen Cove now, alot to get quarts for takeout. They have a really great Clam chowder (Rhode Island and Manhattan and New England)...if you really love chowder and lobster bisque, and you've got a car, get yourself to Bigelow's clam shack in Rockville center, the place totally rocks, and their soups are great and cheap in quart size, nice freshly shucked clams.

    I don't care for any of the Columbian/Peruvian soups, so can't recommend them.

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      Update--knish nosh add on takeout (not knish part) has been gone for a short while--so, don't go there---but, Wafa's off of Metrop--makes some very lovely chicken soup and it's very reasonable at $3 for a pint. --right on the border of Nassau in Lake Sucess shopping center in New Hyde Park--Deli King--makes the best Matzoh Ball soup--fresh and light fluffy balls--had a bowl last week and some split pea, and both were excellent..$4.95 for pint to go--Can't stand Ben's matzoh ball soup--hard craters--and oily broth---

      Deli King
      1564 Union Turnpike
      New Hyde Park, NY 11040-1762
      (516) 437-8420

      100-05 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

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        Golden Fountain Kitchen in Kew Gardens has perhaps the best WonTon soup in New York City. I frequntly make a meal out of it. (7180 441-5000

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          I found that place passable for their sesame chicken, but then it went downhill from there--and the few times I tried other stuff, it was not good. The best won ton? What makes it the best?

      2. I'm a regular at Jose's on 81st & Roosevelt Ave. They have a Seafood Soup that is fresh made on premises every day that has seafood, potatoes, carrots & celery. Its very thick and is a very nice light lunch. The price is just $2.50 no tax. The place was renovated a year ago and is Korean owned and is quite pleasant with lots of seating. You can also purchase very inexpenisve fried seafood. This place is a bargain.

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          London Lennie's has a decent New England clam chowder.

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            Sounds great, thanks. Here's a guy talking up the fried combo ...

            Is there actually a retail counter here, or is "fish market" just the name?

            Jose Fish Market
            81-04 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

            1. re: squid kun

              Very small retail counter. Its mostly about fried seafood and the fish soup. I'm only interested in the fish soup.

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                I made the journey out from Manhattan to go to Taqueria Coatzingo and figured I may as well stop by Jose Fish Market and try the soup. It was surprisingly good and very well seasoned. I added a squeeze of lemon and some hot sauce. Thanks for the tip.

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              I was underwhelmed by the fish soup here. Yes cheap, but not what I was hoping for.

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                will get into this place; sounds like one of those typical korean fried fish joints right? so interesting that pattern, anyone know where that came from?

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                  it was very meh. From the name it probably didn't start as Korean.

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                    I know this is a digression from the main thread but still . . . it's funny to find those korean fried fish places all over the city: usually in the hood, in random places. I remember going to one when I had jury duty in jamaica near sutphin blvd; I also remember that place a few blocks down from rainbow falafel in union square, as well as many random ones I've seen in downtown brooklyn, deep bronx, all over uptown manhattan/harlem. that place on lispenard near Pearl Paint i think is still around, Ocean World or something like that? plus, never had a chance to try Seaworld, the place on park in the lower 20s that also had all that fried seafood plus a broasted chicken machine which I've still yet to taste!


                2. If you like Potato Leek Soup, The Kettle in Woodside does an excellent job.

                  1. there used to be a great soup joint on austin street in forest hills, however they closed years ago and i believe a bank is now there... ever since i have felt displaced, i have been looking for great soup but have had no luck... anyone else?

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                      the soups at Sage General Store on Jackson Avenue (across from the Citibank building) are excellent. they have at least 4 every day including at least one vegetarian one. Mangal on Queens Boulevard at 47th Street has very good red lentil soup.

                    2. I second the suggestion of the lentil soup at Mangal in Sunnyside. (get it with a slice of lahmajun).

                      There is already a Panera Bread in Astoria (LIC?). It's on 35th avenue around 38th street, next to the Applebee's. I have sort of been addicted to the broccoli cheddar for a couple of years now.