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Nov 6, 2008 08:36 PM

Hofbrauhaus , Abbottstown PA; 5* Kitsch

For all you roadtrippers-the Hofbrauhaus on Rt.30 between Gettysburg PA and York in Abbottstown, just west of the circle or roundabout is a don't miss stop. I had to make a 2-day business trip from Frederick MD to Lancaster PA and stopped to eat both ways just because it is a treasure that I am afraid is not long for existance.

My favorite meal, which I ate both ways is the baurenwurst and bratwurst (weisswurst and knockwurst is also available) with sauerkraut and spaetzle and a 1. Warsteiner Dunkle. My partner flitters around the various schnitzles with red beet salad and hot potato salad and tea.

Why I love it. The prices are very reasonable. The restrooms remind me of being on a train but are very clean. The waitresses are very personable and helpful and you end up leaving a 25% tip because the bill is less than expected. A very good cheese spread served with crackers and bread is complementary at the beginning of the meal. There is cheesy oompah music nicely piped continuously at a quiet volume overhead. You can usually park in front and if not there is a parking lot on the side. There are serveral dining rooms, the stuffed bear room (I think it's a fake) where rowdy groups are seated, a cozy nook with deer heads decorating and a photo of Konrad Adenhower, the family room (where we sit) beneath a rim of the best gnomes, nutcrackers, steins, stuffed squirrels and cheesy wood sayings. By seperate entrance is the Alpine Room-the bar where you can smoke if you choose and order the same german beers on draft. I watched the election returns there and it was heated but friendly -kind of reminded me of the Deerslayer. No yuppies there, but a amalgamation of various working people with widely different opinions.

Recommended for families, those that treasure kitsch, those that love german beer, those that want to keep family owned restaurants in business.

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  1. We always stop there on the way to or from Gettysburg. The schnitzel and the warm potato salad are terrific, as are the wursts. I wasn't too fond of the sauerbraten, though. It's a rare thing these days to order a reasonably-priced entree and get a full meal, with bread and that lovely horseradish cheese spread, soup, and salad with a great house dressing. Also, now I finally know what happened to my German grandmother's record collection.