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Nov 6, 2008 08:24 PM

casual dinner in hollywood or thereabouts

looking for an affordable place for a mid-week dinner with friends- we want yummy food- ethnic of any variety is great-we are all adventurous- and someplace we can linger over conversation without feeling rushed to turn over the table...ideas?

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  1. los balcones de peru on vine for peruvian is yummy and certainly wont' rush you

    angeli caffe if italian is good for you

    jitlada thai for southern thai

    ethiopian on fairfax at rahel or meals by genet

    mouns-of-tunis for moroccan

    sure others will provide more great ideas!

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    1. re: Emme

      Los Balcones won't rush you. That's an understatement. Good call.

    2. All of the ideas above are good. I was going to suggest Jitlada -- for the best experience, make sure you check out the part of the menu highlighting their southern Thai specialties. I also like Palm Thai; while their Thai Elvis is unique I believe he only performs on weekends, and it is a fairly large place with inexpensive beers, so I'm sure you could hang there as long as you wish on a weeknight. If you order stuff spicy they won't hesitate to provide the heat.

      1. Lucky Devils may not be ethnic, but it is good food and you won't be rushed out. If the weather is nice, you could even sit outside and people watch on Hollywood Blvd. There's always something to see on that street.

        1. Yatai on Sunset. I've *never* been rushed out of there and I always end up eating, drinking, staying more and longer than I intend.