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Nov 6, 2008 07:38 PM

NYC Steakhouses! Please help me decide...

I have a very important dinner upcoming and can't afford to be disappointed. Of the following Manhattan steakhouses, which do you most recommend and why (sorry for the number of options):

1. BLT Steak
2. Craftsteak
3. Dylan Prime
4. Mortons
5. Quality Meats
6. Ruths Chris
7. Sparks
8. Smith & Wollensky
9. Capital Grille
10. Other

Thanks for your patience and help. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated... Cheers.

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  1. You can help us help you by telling us which cut you prefer.

    For #10: I prefer Strip House for ribeye and Ny strip cut. I can tell you that those 2 cuts has more flavor than Craftsteak and Quality meats.

    1. Have you considered Peter Luger's in Brooklyn? The food is spectacular and fabulously consistent, and the atmosphere is unique.

      1. BLT Prime over BLT Steak
        Dylan Prime for the atmosphere and food
        I agree that Strip House should be on the list for ambiance and food
        The Palm
        Sparks if it is a business dinner

        1. 10. Other: Keens. Fantastic porterhouse, mutton or prime rib. Great old New York atmosphere. Outstanding whisky selection.

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            Ate at Wolfgangs last night, the porterhouse was excellent

          2. Well I can tell you which ones to cross off your list:
            3. Dylan Prime
            4. Mortons
            6. Ruth's Chris
            7. Sparks
            8. Smith & Wollensky

            For a variety of reasons I wouldn't consider going to any of those for a special occaision.

            For more specific recommendations it would be very useful to know what your "important dinner" is.

            For instance a business dinner with colleagues will get you a different set of recs than it would a more private/ elegant steak dinner with someone special.

            Let us know - you will get plenty of good recommendations.

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