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NYC Steakhouses! Please help me decide...

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I have a very important dinner upcoming and can't afford to be disappointed. Of the following Manhattan steakhouses, which do you most recommend and why (sorry for the number of options):

1. BLT Steak
2. Craftsteak
3. Dylan Prime
4. Mortons
5. Quality Meats
6. Ruths Chris
7. Sparks
8. Smith & Wollensky
9. Capital Grille
10. Other

Thanks for your patience and help. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated... Cheers.

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  1. You can help us help you by telling us which cut you prefer.

    For #10: I prefer Strip House for ribeye and Ny strip cut. I can tell you that those 2 cuts has more flavor than Craftsteak and Quality meats.

    1. Have you considered Peter Luger's in Brooklyn? The food is spectacular and fabulously consistent, and the atmosphere is unique.

      1. BLT Prime over BLT Steak
        Dylan Prime for the atmosphere and food
        I agree that Strip House should be on the list for ambiance and food
        The Palm
        Sparks if it is a business dinner

        1. 10. Other: Keens. Fantastic porterhouse, mutton or prime rib. Great old New York atmosphere. Outstanding whisky selection.

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            Ate at Wolfgangs last night, the porterhouse was excellent

          2. Well I can tell you which ones to cross off your list:
            3. Dylan Prime
            4. Mortons
            6. Ruth's Chris
            7. Sparks
            8. Smith & Wollensky

            For a variety of reasons I wouldn't consider going to any of those for a special occaision.

            For more specific recommendations it would be very useful to know what your "important dinner" is.

            For instance a business dinner with colleagues will get you a different set of recs than it would a more private/ elegant steak dinner with someone special.

            Let us know - you will get plenty of good recommendations.

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            1. STRIPHOUSE!
              you must have the duckfat potatoes.

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                It really depends on what "important" means and what the situation is. If it's something romantic and/or laid back occasion... you should absolutely go to Striphouse. If it's professional or business related stick to Keens or consider Lugers in Brooklyn.

                1. re: laurenc37

                  The potatoes aren't that good.

                2. Okay, this is a serious question from a non-serious steak eater. I'm not a true connoisseur, by any means.

                  But why is everyone so down on Dylan Prime? I only went there once about two years ago and had a perfectly nice meal.

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                  1. re: egit

                    Been there 2x in the last 6 months. The service was atrocious both times. The wine list has less than 5 bottles under $75. Their "signature" steak ........the Carpetbagger, 11 Oz. Carpetbagger Steak filet mignon stuffed with blue point oysters, baby spinach, mashed potatoes, guinness & brown sugar sauce. It was stuffed with 2 oysters the size of nickles, and certainly had no Guinness and brown sugar sauce. If you cant wow me with you signature dish something is wrong. Did I mention the service was horrible.

                    1. re: egit

                      Rather than repeat a previous post on DP - here's a thread where a lot of their issues were aired out: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/486498

                    2. Thanks for all of the feedback. I will try to be a little more specific: dinner for 4 with family (who are all self-proclaimed foodies and fairly hard to please), the cuts will vary but probably a lot of strip, porterhouse and maybe a flank or hanger steak dish. I just moved to NYC recently but have tried Peter Luger which I thought offered a solid porterhouse - but that is the only compliment I could pay them (actually their cheesecake was delicious). I didn't add them to the list, because I mentioned specifically "Manhattan" steakhouses; where my family will want to dine. From the responses, it seems clear that Strip House should have been on my short list. I also noticed nobody praised, nor did they rule out Craftsteak or BLT - any thoughts why? Thanks again and I look forward to more insight...

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                        I'm a big fan of Quality Meats. I have had great experiences each time I have been, which was most recently to celebrate my parent's 35th anniversary. They loved it. In the past we had celebrated birthdays and other events at Smith and Wollensky. We had a mix of filets and strip steaks. We were all very happy with the meat. But what I really like about it is that they have an interesting selection of appetizers, sides and desserts. The gnocchi with cheese sauce is awesome, their seafood cocktails are great too. Even their ice creams are amazing, particularly the strawberry shortcake which I am now totally craving. I think it has a modern and fun feel in both menu and decor rather than the more traditional Smith and Wollensky, which I personally find boring, both food and decor. I also like that it is a little less expensive than some of the other new steakhouses in the city that are charging for kobe beef by the ounce. No complaints about the service, it has been friendly and attentive. Overall a great experience.

                        1. re: pap2

                          If they specifically want a Manhattan location I would recommend Keens as it has history and is not a chain, for the same reason scratch Ruth Chris, Mortons and the Capital Grill.

                          I still stand by Wolfgangs and would add Del Frisco and BLT Steak to my list

                          1. re: msny98

                            the "steak wars" continue into the 21st century. andonceagain the same names repeat and repeat. the monarchy still remains without the "crown prince of steakhouses" one resto should have all the best cuts and there wouldn't be any controversy

                          2. re: pap2

                            I didn't comment on craftsteak because I've never been. BLT is very good, personally I like BLT steak better than BLT prime.

                            But now that I know more of your criteria, I'd recommend adding Poter House to your list, as well as Wolfgangs. You also will not go wrong at strip house or quality meats.

                            1. re: Spends Rent on Food

                              And I'd give the nod to BLT Prime over BLT Steak. BLT Prime is the only one serving prime dry-aged steaks. BLT Steak does not offer them any more, and if I'm going to a steakhouse, I want to eat dry aged steak.

                              I think BLT Prime would be a great choice. All the steaks are very good and well cooked. They offer some more interesting sides than the usual steakhouse fare. Plus they have areally good and reasonably priced hangar steak too.

                              I like Strip House too but they have a bad habit of not seating your for 45-60 minutes past your reservation. This has happened to me on all but one of my reservations there, so I stopped going.

                          3. I really enjoyed Quality Meats - great deserts too!

                            1. Steakrules has come to opine on his favorite topic.... Here are the steakhouses that you should consider in Manhattan

                              Strip House, Keens, Old Homestead, Craft ,BLT Prime, Uncle Jack's. I have had incredible meals at all of these.

                              For atmosphere:
                              Strip House is probably nicest in my opinion for a romantic type of meal.
                              For that old world feel and some nostalgia I would go to Keens. A real blast from the past and a classic New York institution
                              Old Homestead another classic institution but its a real true steakhouse atmosphere.
                              Uncle Jack's has a really nice feel to it as well.
                              BLT Prime is a beautiful spot- more for a younger and hip crowd.
                              Craft is also a beautiful spot with a nouveau look.

                              Please read my several long reviews on each for the food and what to order, service, experience, etc,.