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Nov 6, 2008 06:39 PM

Sunday Brunch for 75 in the Quarter?

A few friends are hosting a wedding brunch in March 2009 and asked for help finding the right spot in the Quarter, where most guests will be staying. All they knew about was Court of Two Sisters. I said there are much better places for brunch! Although I live here, I am not an expert on brunch spots. My first thoughts are: Arnaud's, Antoine's, Galatoir and Brennan's. Maybe Mr. B's? I love Cafe Amelie, but dont think it is suited to a party of that size.

Suggestions? And what are prices per person like? They said keep it under $100/person, but I think they are hoping for somewhere around $50 - $60 per head.

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  1. you might also call the sales and catering dept at the Westin Canal Place and ask if you can do the brunch there. the views are amazing, and there is a terrace off the dining room overlooking the river. 504-553-5015

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      That is an interesting idea... i do love the view from up there. Will have to see if the regular dining room can support a party of 75. The ballrooms are a little oversized and sterile. Thanks!

      1. re: uncledandan

        call Napoleon House about their upstairs room:

        I did a fantastic brunch for a group at Carmelo's (with balcony);

        and did another group lunch in the courtyard of the House of Blues:

        and also had a group lunch at Muriel's (upstairs with Seance Room and Balcony):

        lastly, check out Maximo's:

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          My suggestion would be an upstairs private room at Arnaud's.

    2. I've heard that Sbisa is gearing up for brunch and the menu is supposed to be fantastic- stopped in for drinks the other night and the place looked great...might be worth checking out

      1. I think I found the spot, only problem is that its not in the quarter. But close enough! Just had breakfast at Lil Dizzy's, inside the old Whitney Bank on Poydras. Best meal in a long time! Wow. Anyone been there and tried the french toast? Mmmmm. I think their fried chicken just might beat Miss Mae's, Dookie Chase and maybe even Reconcile.

        1. A couple of trips back, we attended an event at Broussard's for 250. Now, this was dinner, following a welcome on their patio. I do not know if they do brunch, but did a wonderful job for this dinner.


          Broussard's Restaurant & Patio
          819 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70112