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Nov 6, 2008 06:15 PM

Newark Area for Pre-concert Dinner

We're going to a concert at the NJPAC in Newark, NJ this Saturday and we'd like to eat out beforehand. I'm not too familiar with the area and have only eaten at Seabra's, Tio Pepe's and Iberia. Any recommendations would be appreciated, and since I don't have a reservation, it will need to be a place where I stand a chance to get a table. Any cuisine would be fine, but I'd like something other than rodizo since an overfull gut might not be the best thing before a show. Thanks!

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  1. This topic has been discussed several times on the Tristate Region board so you might want to search there.

    You may, however, be interested in the fact that this is restaurant week in Newark and you can get a pretty good deal at many good Newark restaurants. Check out the following link:

    I completely understand your comment about an "overfull gut" so why not eat at the Bistro (not to be confused with the Grill) which is right in the NJPAC? You can eat light if you wish and then walk 100 feet or so to your seats! Please note though that you will absolutely have to reserve if you want to eat at either the Bistro or the Grill.

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    1. I second the Grill at NJPAC. We had a lovely dinner there; lovely room, attentive service and a very good dinner presented beautifully. I had a wonderful Niman Ranch pork chop that practically melted in my mouth. The wine list was impressive with selections to fit each wallet.

      1. We ate pre-concert @ the center also, was good (service a little sketchy) but decent, and obviously very convenient - no rushing. However, i def suggest a reservation.

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          We ended up going to a place called "Maize" which was located right across the street from the NJPAC in the William Treat Hotel. My wife liked her meal much more than I liked mine (she had crab-stuffed crepes and I had veal chops), but it wasn't like my meal was bad--I just didn't think it was worth what they charged for it. The wine selection was limited too, but I suppose that I should be glad they had wine at all. However, it was very convenient and the desserts were fantastic and our server was there when we needed him.