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Day after Thanksgiving breakfast?

Hello all. The title says it all. I know most would be sick of food after gorging on turkey, stuffing, and the like, but not my family! What are some good fall post-thanksgiving breakfasts?

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  1. When I have guests in the morning, I like to do a Mexican breakfast/brunch. This is after coffee and maybe an English muffin. I like serve Bloody Marys or whatever with salsa, chips, guac. followed by a Mexian casserole and whatever else would fit your group. Casserole can be made in advance and heated gently. I have a couple of favorite recipes if you are interested.

    1. My favorite is to pan-fry some stuffing in butter (mine has sausage, mushrooms, celery, onions along with the bread and seasonings) until it's crusty, turn it over a few times in the pan, make an opening in the middle of the pan and cook a couple of over easy eggs and dump the the whole business onto the plate - YUM. Better than toast any day!

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        Our family's version of that - and mine - is what we called Turkey Hash: dressing, plenty of chopped turkey, gravy just to bind. My favorite post-TG breakfast is turkey hash in a greased baking dish, with eggs broken into depressions made with a spoon. This is baked until the eggs are set satisfactorily, and served with griddled cakes made from leftover mashed potatoes, with more gravy on the side, and of course cranberry sauce. I can usually sneak some bacon or sausage in there too. The hash is especially good if it's made with oyster dressing...

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            That sounds wonderful, and I love Oyster dressing!

        1. Huevos rancheros with a side of refried beans. Contains exactly nothing you ate the day before.

          1. How about french toast with a seasonal compote to go on top? You could easily make the 'marinade' near the end of the Thanksgiving cook-fest, put the bread in, and put it in the fridge over night. In the morning all you would need to do is pre-heat the oven and bake it off the next morning. For a seasonal compote you could do a cinnamon-apple reduction.

            1. this is the sort of meal where I serve something like warmed up plum cake (from the freezer) or blueberry buckle, with some grapefruit or other fruit.

              A little bit festive but not too heavy.
              Its also not unknown in our house for guests to have a piece of pie for breakfast on that Friday.

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                leftover pie is my favorite breakfast after Thanksgiving

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                  We always have pie and coffee for breakfast the next morning as well.

              2. Scones with fresh fruit and coffee (milk for the kids)
                We keep it simple the day after a big meal like that.

                1. Quiche is easy (if you buy frozen pastry) and tasty.

                  1. Had Guests over the Holiday weekend last year & I made Crepes for brunch. I like to offer both sweet & savory fillings and re-use some of the things I have on hand. Try Spinach & Gruyere or Ham, Gruyere & dijon mustard or Turkey, Bacon, tomato & 1000 Island.

                    For sweet try offering homemade Fruit Preserves/Marmalades, Nutella or Peanut Butter, Banana & Granola. Big hit with the kids was a S'mores Crepe with Chocolate Chips, Mallo Fluff & graham cracker crumbs.

                    Although you are using some of the leftovers (ham, turkey, spinach, graham cracker crumbs) the completely different application & combinations makes them seem brand new. Could do the same savory combinations in an omelet, quiche or strata.

                    1. Pie.

                      Seriously. We always eat leftover pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. It's a once a year treat.

                      1. Oatmeal- let the penance begin!
                        (OK, if made well it's not penance, but you get the idea...)

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                          I am planning to eat oatmeal the day after too. It is a filling breakfast that has the additional benefit of soaking up some of the fat from the day before. I would tell the OP to whip up a big batch and have some fresh fruit on the side to top it off. Come to think of it, if they have a slow cooker, it would be easy to begin a batch of Steel Cut Oats on Thursday night.

                          Alton's Recipe on the Food Network site could fit the bill:

                        2. I am doing a big post-Thanksgiving brunch with a leftovers theme. I am having 11 for dinner and about 15-20 during the day for brunch.

                          Thanksgiving Dinner --> Brunch
                          Butternut squash soup w/melted cheese -->butternut squash souffle
                          Roasted sweet potatoes --> sweet potato hash browns
                          Turnip gratin --> savory turnip muffins
                          Cranberry sauce --> cranberry coffee cake
                          Mashed potatoes --> potato pancakes
                          Chard + rolls + stuffing + cheese board --> chard strata
                          Turkey --> turkey salad

                          You get the point--I may not make all of this as it will depend how much I have left of different items. I will round out the menu with bagels. If I don't have a lot of rolls left, I'll probably make a frittata.

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                            I forgot, I am also going to make Alton's overnight oatmeal if I have any leftover yams or more cranberries!

                          2. Breakfast tacos. Just set up a buffet of potatoes, eggs, sausage, bacon, shredded cheese, and if you like, sauteed pepper and onions. If you don't have a way to keep them warm, or the guests are straggling down the stairs, you can make them yourself (keep to two varieties -- sausage and egg, and bacon and egg), wrap in foil, and put them in the over on 200 degrees to hold until the tryptophan-induced sleep wears off your guests. Serve with hot sauce and salsa. Put some fresh fruit out too. Maybe a cantaloupe with strawberries. This is so different from what you at the day before, that they will love it.

                            The other option is paninis, such as ham/egg/chees and baco/egg/cheese, but these require more patience and time to make, and will require YOU to be pressing sandwiches to order. For a large group, I suggest the tacos.

                            1. copious Bloodies.

                              but do your own mix a day or two ahead..

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                                I like how you think, hill food. :) Spicier the better! Oh, and the oatmeal suggested above wouldn't hurt either. :)

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                                  well ya gotta have ballast. it's no fun in empty boots.

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                                    What great posts! Mmmm pie! We used to always have eggs benedict. Makes us extra glad we try to hunker down and avoid any and all shopping. I remember my mom complaining about being hauled around with her brother the day after thanksgiving and that is one tradition she cut right out with her own family. This year I am trying for crepes or the Velvet Waffles from my favorite cookbook.

                              2. A couple of trays of Chile Relleno and breakfast burritos make a nice counterpoint to the previous day's Thanksgiving fare. Another tray of fresh fruit, and the holiday just goes on and on...

                                1. I usually make Crab and Asparagus Frittata with hollandaise on the side for those who would like. You make the Frittata the night before, very quickly, chill over night and bake in the morning. It's very easy to sub ingredients that you prefer, just be sure to let it soak overnight.

                                  I'll be making pumpkin spice scones this year since we are having a larger "repeat" leftover meal for lunch.

                                  1. I'm really enjoying pumpkin waffles lately. And I'm planning to try a gingerbread waffle with warm pear compote - I think I saw the recipe in a recent Bon Appetit. Add some nice sausages and liquored up coffee.

                                    1. Today I tried the Oatmeal Snack Cake recipe from the May/June 2008 Cooks Illustrated.
                                      It is made in an 8" square pan and has a broiled icing made from melted butter, brown sugar, pecans, and coconut. It would be a good stand-in for coffee cake or sweet muffins. I did a few things differently: the recipe calls for a stand mixer but I just used a wooden spoon and elbow grease. I cut 15 minutes from the baking time because I used an 11x7 pan, and used King Arthur white whole wheat flour instead of AP. The recipe notes that it is a very tender cake, but I think it would work in a muffin tin with liners. The recipe is a winner, especially because of the hypocrisy factor: it has oatmeal, so it MUST be good for you!

                                      1. I really like fried mashed-potato cakes.

                                        1. Yam/Pecan/Cranberry Bread from ExtraVeganZa cookbook!