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Nov 6, 2008 05:34 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered

I will be hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for a small group of friends. I am planning to just get it all delivered. Any ideas on where I should order from? I understand Freshdirect does it but am not sure if its any good. Last year, I ordered from Dean & Deluca, which was quite good but I would like to try something else. If all else fails, I guess that would be my fall back... Ideas please?

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  1. I've had some of the Fresh Direct Thanksgiving offerings at a friend's house, and we both agreed they weren't great. I was at Schatzie's (butcher on Madison & 87th or so) last week, and he's offering a Thanksgiving dinner for 8 or so for $279. I've only ever bought his meat, but the cooked offerings there always look wonderful, and the meatloaf smelled divine that day.

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      Thanks I will definitely avoid Fresh Direc although it looks like pretty good value. Will check out Schatzie's.

    2. Fairway
      Whole Foods
      Westside Market

      they both have catering depts.

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        Citarella too - I never buy it, but their prepared food always looks quite good to me.

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        1. Agata & Valentiina @ 79th & 1st Avenue has a Thanksgiving Day food offer but not sure of their deliver area. Also Eli's or Vinegar Factory have everything you might need but they tend to be more expensive and again not sure of their delivery area.

          1. Not your traditional thanksgiving, but Momofuku ssam is catering a "pick-up only" thanksgiving meal. Their menu consists of slow roasted pork shoulder and various sides, including their famous brussel sprouts and dessert. It serves 8 for $285.

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              That sounds yum..... one of my guests doesn't eat pork but I am definitely trying that next year!!!