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Nov 6, 2008 04:57 PM

(pdx) Al-Amir Lebanese Restaurant, Marrakesh or Pasha

Looking for a fun restaurant for this weekend. Thought a place with belly dancing might be an added entertainment bonus. Any thoughts on these three places? Do all have belly dancing? How is the food?

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  1. I love, love, love Al-Amir. I haven't tried the other two, though have heard the food is better at AA than Marrakesh specifically. Not sure about belly dancing at Al Amir, though-it's a little more upscale.

    1. Al Amir is thoroughly disappointing if you're looking for authentic, home-cooked food. They use store-bought pita! I'd go to Nicholas' instead. Much less expensive and much tastier.

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        And better than both of these is Karam.

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          Yup, Karam is pretty awesome stuff. No belly dancers though.

      2. It was a few years ago, but I built one of the owners of Pasha's house(ok, just the foundation, but it was an 11,000sq ft home). He or his wife would bring us huge trays of food every day. While I cant recall exactly what it all was, I can say that there wasnt anything that wasnt really good. The few specific things I remember were the Kubadeh, Lamb Kabob and the Jasmine rice. All ridiculously good, as was the baklava!

        1. If you're looking for the whole experience, food = entertainment, I'd recommend Marrakesh. Work on your core strength (pilates?) beforehand, because you sit on tuffets on the floor, which does not lend itself to american eating habits or posture, but the food is classic and pretty good, and there are definitely belly dancers. I had a ton of fun the one time I went there with a bunch of virtual strangers, so certainly I can say it's amusing, touristy, facilitates conversation, yet the food shouldn't be discounted. Really good, very traditional, though it won't knock you off that tuffet. (Watching a ten-year-old stuff money in the belly-dancer's skirt might, though...)