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Nov 6, 2008 04:38 PM

Rice paper rolls and Lettuce Wraps

New to this. A poster on one of my previous questions suggested this recipe:

Not liking the peanut dipping sauce (too much peanut flavour).

Would like to do a variety of these apps. Suggestions wanted.

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  1. I personally don't like the peanut dipping sauce as well, I love another dipping sauce - thin, sweet and salty. I believe it's a thai dipping sauce rather then a vietnamese. check this one out, this is the kind I like.

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      I made rice paper rolls for a dinner party on Monday and made two sauces - nuoc cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce with water, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, bird chiles etc.) and a spicy hoisin garlic sauce, which has two chicken livers. The author of the book said that this is the 'authentic' precursor to the peanut sauce. It was really delicious - let me know if you want the recipe.

      In terms of the rolls themselves - I usually make them with just shrimp, but this time I added sliced pork shoulder, and really liked the addition of the pork. I also put in blanched bean sprouts. I served a vegetable garnish platter with lettuce, julienned cucumber, marinated daikon & carrots and various fresh herbs for people to add to the lettuce when wrapping up the roll.

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        Yes, thats the one I love. One of our fav restaurant in town serves them with nuoc cham rather then the peanut sauce. Here is a good site too:

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          Here's the recipe I used for the rolls, except I used 8.5 inch rice paper, and didn't include the lettuce, preferring to roll them in lettuce leaves:

          I've not made the dipping sauce that she recommends (there's also a recipe for it in the link).

          This is the nuoc cham recipe that I've been using:

    2. I don't know if this is traditional or not, but I've had (at a Vietnamese house) a dipping sauce that was basically hosin sauce with some PB mixed in. It was microwaved briefly to incorporate and then cooled a bit, if I remember correctly.
      But I always preferred the nuoc cham.

      1. Any Vietnamese dipping sauces I have had have always not been of my liking because of the very strong fish sauce taste. That is why I would like the Thai one or a sesame one (even similar to PF Changs lettuce wraps sauce). Never mind the sauce, I like those wraps.

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          For what it's worth - the garlic-hoisin one does not have a strong fish sauce taste and I seem to recall that the small amount of fish sauce in it is optional.